Val Venis Responds To Matt Hardy - Calls Him A Liar

Val Venis Responds To Matt Hardy - Calls Him A Liar
Sean 'Val Venis' Morley has responded on Twitter ( to Matt Hardy's video rant yesterday. Morley basically calls Hardy a complete liar. Who knows if this whole thing is a work. We'll see soon enough I guess. Anyways, here are some of Morley's latest tweets:

"Dink smokers=@matthardybrand fans.

U can say what u want DINK smoker, but I stand by my comments 100%! @matthardybrand sucks as a worker. 0 talent (cont)

MUCH more to come tomorrow!

I am wondering how gooned out of his mind @MATTHARDYBRAND was making that video????

So is your work rate. U lazy f$&k! Fans pay th here hard earned money to watch wrestling and u rip them off!

But do not fear Matt, it does not end with you. Ur videos of u gooned out of you mind are an embarrassment to the biz->

Sources! I am speaking the truth about everything that is wrong with the business and it starts with you and (cont)

Did u write that up on word? I have not spoken to one person outside of the EXW boys. So please please please reveal your

WOW! I will give Matt his props for working the internet. 1 big f'n problem. Your full of s--t Matt ->"

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