-- AJ Styles posted the following on Twitter today: "Good check-up from the doc today on my hip. Hopefully at the next ppv I'll be ready to go."

-- Jim Ross tweeted the following today: "If having 40 men in the Royal Rumble match helps sell ppvs, then its a really good idea. 40 sounds good to me. Makes the main event bigger. Watch what I say, the 40 man royal rumble match will be over analyzed by many. Gives 10 more paydays & adds 'biggest ever' mkt'ing hook".

-- Vince McMahon recently sold $41.14 million in stock at the end of the year (with some comparing that to the almost $50 million Linda McMahon spent on her U.S. Senate race). Vince currently owns 59% of the company, down from 70% for most of the past decade.

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