WWE RAW Results (Jan 17th) - Cena Returns, Mason Ryan Debuts!

WINNERS: Santino & Koslov

Backstage Nexus are arguing about what to do when Punk shows up. Punk stares down each member, smiles, and says, "Faith."

John Morrison is passing through and runs into Daniel Bryan. The Bella's pop-up, kiss Daniel, and they head off. Morrison vs. Daniel Bryan is next! Should be awesome.

-Commercial Break. We get a preview for Marvel vs. Capcom 3! Aww yeah, baby!

John Morrison vs. Daniel Bryan w/The Bella Twins

We cut to a promo video for Morrison. Out next comes the WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan for this non-title match. They lock up and go back and forth. Morrison works on Bryan's arm to start things off. Bryan counters Morrison with a suplex. Morrison runs the ropes but Bryan dropkicks Morrison out to the floor. Bryan goes for a baseball slide but Morrison moves. They go back in the ring at the same time and face off as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Morrison has Bryan grounded to the mat. Bryan tries to fight back but Morrison takes him to the mat. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Bryan moves out of the way as the Bellas cheer on Bryan at ringside. Bryan kicks Morrison in the face, drops him and gets a 2 count. Morrison and Bryan collide in mid-air with cross body blocks. The ref begins to count to 10 as they get to their feet. Morrison and Bryan trade right hands. Bryan fires back with kicks. Morrison misses a clothesline but counters Bryan's suplex. Bryan counters Morrison now and rolls him up for 2. Lots of back and forth pin attempts here. Bryan goes for the LaBell Lock but Morrison avoids it. Morrison launches Bryan into the turnbuckle and hits a springboard kick to the face off the ropes. Morrison hits Bryan with a running knee to the face for the pinfall and the win.

WINNER: John Morrison.

Morrison & Daniel shake hands, acting all buddy-buddy when King Sheamus comes out! He reminds Morrison that before Sheamus "made" John Morrison he was drowning in a pool of mediocrity and that he can destroy him! Sheamus says he will conquer 39 other superstars, because the Royal Rumble is fit for royalty! "Long live the King!" he screams as we cut away.

Still to come, John Cena vs. CM Punk
Up Next, Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

-Commercial Break.

Backstage The Bella's are discussing being Daniel Bryan's "first." They have a wager, to see which one will get to Daniel first. They don't say that anything is on the line, just shake hands, and "may the best Bella win."

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie vs. Randy Orton

Vickie comes out first and takes a microphone! She does her Excuse me bit, crowd is tearing into her, I love it! She introduces Ziggler, crowd won't shut-up, she screams excuse me, they don't care. Out comes Ziggler. I am not into picking a pail of pickled peppers, but I am proud to say that Dolph Ziggler is gorgeous!

Back from a quick commercial and they lock up to start the match, their first ever against each other. Ziggler takes Orton to the corner and beats him down as the referee tries to break it up. Orton comes back and leaps onto Ziggler with right hands. Orton with a big clothesline on Ziggler now. Orton starts stomping on Dolph and slingshots his neck under the bottom rope for a 2 count.

Ziggler starts to make a comeback and gets a 2 count on Orton. Dolph with a dropkick to the knee. Ziggler stomps away repeatedly on Orton's leg. Ziggler continues to work on Orton's leg, using the ring apron. Ziggler pulls Orton over and now uses the ring post on his leg. Back in the ring now and Orton fights back out of the corner. Orton with a big uppercut and more right hands, beating Dolph down. Dolph comes back with a big dropkick for a 2 count. Ziggler works on the leg some more with a submission. Orton fights back with right hands and gets to his feet. They trade right hands. Orton counters and hits the backbreaker on Ziggler.

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