As noted earlier, Barri Griffiths, aka FCW Champion Mason Ryan, debuted on RAW tonight as the newest member of Nexus. He is a former Gladiators competitor and has held the FCW Championship since this past July, when he defeated defending champion Alex Riley and Johnny Curtis by pinning Riley in a triple threat match.

During the RAW main event between CM Punk and John Cena tonight, Ryan appeared on the apron and distracted Cena, allowing Punk to recover. Ryan came in the ring and Punk stretched his arms out. Ryan proceeded to run the ropes and clothesline Punk. He then picked up Cena and dropped him with a big slam. Nexus hit the ring but Punk told them to hold off. Punk stared Ryan down, and Ryan then dropped to one knee as Punk put a Nexus armband on him, welcoming him to the group. The show went off the air with Nexus and their new member posing with their fists in the air.

A lot of readers have pointed out the resemblance between Ryan and former WWE superstar Batista. You can check out a pic of Ryan on our Facebook Group by clicking here.

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