Low Ki, formerly known as Kaval, recently spoke with Slam! Wrestling about his time in the WWE. Check out the highlights below:

On his release: "I asked for my release, both WWE and myself agreed that it would be best if we didn't continue doing business together at this current time. They had no path for me or any plans in the near future so instead of wasting my time and my body for them, I decided it was time to move on. I've had a good relationship with them [WWE] the entire time I was there regardless of what people may think. I have always had strong relationships everywhere I have gone; there are no bad feelings from either end."

On working for WWE: "It was never a goal of mine; a lot of people misunderstand that. Simply because the WWE is the biggest company in the world, it was never my dream. I'm sure for others they have always wanted to go to WWE but for my personal goal it was always to go to Japan and to be accepted by the Japanese culture as a competitor. WWE was just a bonus for everything I have worked so hard for in my 13 years in this business."

On being disappointed with his treatment in WWE: "WWE is a very big political game, and I already knew what the environment entailed, if you play that political game you stand a much better chance of succeeding in a particular role or position. I'm not a politician; I don't see the need in playing these games especially when the business is suffering. I think the way they scheduled my matches on Smackdown, after NXT it was obvious they weren't behind me. I was chosen to win NXT season 2 by the fans, they wanted to see me do well and at first it seemed like the company wanted me to do well. People have to be very careful when they refer to the company not doing much with a certain talent. There is only one man who makes decisions, he says yes or no and that needs to be made clear. I'm not going to even mention his name but the company has their own view on who is going to be a star or not. If you don't fill in that particular prototype or that idea then you are going to have a more challenging time in regards to a push or trying to excel. I feel this was the case with me; they have always been more about bigger guys. The company could have been behind me a lot more. They also could be behind a lot of guys more."

You can check out the full interview at slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling

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