TNA News: UK Tour, Taz's School, Flair-TNA, IMPACT!

TNA News: UK Tour, Taz's School, Flair-TNA, IMPACT!
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-- The TNA European tour begins tomorrow in France.

-- Tickets for the February 24th Impact tapings in Fayetteville, NC go on sale tomorrow. Tickets cost between $20-$60, and you can buy tickets at

-- While many thought that the show would be a live broadcast, it will simply be another set of tapings.

-- Ric Flair does not have a TNA action figure, due to a deal already in existence with Mattel. Flair has signed an exclusive deal for a Flair figure to use with their WWE line, but when he signed with TNA, those plans were dropped. While Mattel owns the figure rights, Jakks cannot produce a TNA licensed figure of Flair.

-- Taz opens his "Team Taz Finishing Camp" tomorrow. You can watch a video of Taz discussing the concept of the school below…


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