Partial Source: Pwinsider

Jeff Hardy's court hearing today in Moore County Superior Court in Carthage, North Carolina resulted in another continuance, reports the Southern Pines Pilot. Warren McSweeney, the Assistant District Attorney, requested more time to review the case. "Subject to Your Honor's approval," McSweeney said, "we have agreed to set that over to February the 16th in the morning." Hardy's next scheduled hearing is Feb. 16. The TNA star did not attend the hearing today.

Hardy was expected to take a plea bargain today on charges stemming from his 2009 arrest on drug charges. The plea agreement would have been subject to the judge's approval.

UPDATE: Here is a report from the courtroom:

"When the case was called this morning, the ADA (Assistant District Attorney) told the Judge that they would need more time to negotiate a potential plea deal. He told the judge that the sides had a agreed to return to court on February 16th and asked for the Judge's approval, which was granted. As someone who works in the court system, I can tell you that this most probably means that one of the two sides thought that the other was going to agree to something more than actually could be agreed upon. My hunch is that the ADA wouldn't give in as much as Jeff's lawyer wanted, but that is just my guess. At least Jeff can appear on the big 2/3 Impact."

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