Jim Ross has a new blog up at JRSBARBQ.com. Here are the highlights…

On Harley Race: The legendary Harley Race called into Sports Talk 1400 in Norman on Wednesday as I was on my normal guest spot in the 4 pm hour. It was great hearing from Harley and a pleasant surprise. He mentioned that he would be in Atlanta for WM27 and at the Cauliflower Alley Club function in Vegas in April. I've read where he will also be attending a fan convention/autograph function in LA in about a week. Harley is one of my all time favorite performers and is certainly another man that the younger wrestlers of today can learn from by watching Harley's work. That is unless the hip, neophytes feel that watching an artisan like Harley Race perform is "too old school" for them. If some pup told me that and I had the stroke I would love to wish them well on their future endeavors because I would not want any one with that ignorant attitude in any locker room.

On The 40 Man Royal Rumble: Been asked tons of questions of what I think about the 40 Royal Rumble match...up 10 men from years past. Many 'experts' have already analyzed this 'biggest ever' Rumble match but I'm not that bright. I need to see it play out before I can judge it. Once I see the Rumble on PPV from Boston, which is and has been sold out for weeks, I will better be able to share how I like or don't like the 40 man format. I do know that it gives 10 more guys a pay day which isn't a bad thing.

On His WWE Appearance Tuesday Night: Refereeing a bout in Tulsa this past Tuesday brought back some great memories as my first ever officiating experience in a pro wrestling ring was a 10 minute draw contested between Mike George and Treach Phillips at the Tulsa Civic Center in 1974. Nonetheless I enjoyed seeing many of the WWE folks Tuesday in Tulsa and was happy to have the opportunity to attend the event with something tangible to do. Just hanging around and loitering in catering isn't my idea of a productive day.

On Taz: Good luck to my friend Taz on the opening of his new Dojo today in Long Island. It's a finishing school for indy wrestlers who want to get to the next level of their profession. Taz is a natural born coach and I would encourage any wrestler who's hitting the indy trail to check 'Badass U' out. BTW Badass U was an ad lib. :)

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