-- There was a story making the rounds that Vince McMahon was planning on buying the Newcastle United Football Club. The story is false, but it got enough attention online that a Newcastle paper did a story where the times management debunked it. You can check that out at sundaysun.co.uk We never reported the story here on this website.

-- Bret Hart dropped the puck at the Toronto Marlies AHL game in Toronto yesterday and signed autographs after the game.

-- Dory Funk Jr. has posted what he thinks is the only video left in existence of his father wrestling. You can check out out on his web site at dory-funk.com

-- Todd Grisham did play-by-play work for the AKC National Dog Show championships that aired today on ABC. As we've noted before, Grisham has been trying to grow a mustache as of late. You can check out the pic below:

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