Morrison Apologizes To Bret, Kimbo - Wrestling, Top UFC Heavyweight Says Lesnar Is Done

Morrison Apologizes To Bret, Kimbo - Wrestling, Top UFC Heavyweight Says Lesnar Is Done
-- As noted earlier, Bret Hart was recently on The Score. He spoke on a variety of subjects including on whether the Miz had "it", being a spokesperson for the March of Dimes as a stroke survivor and whether he would take an agent/producing job with the WWE. When asked about John Morrison giving away his shades to fans at ringside, Hart stated, "He came up to me, John Morrison did, and he apologized to me, he said he felt bad and made references to stealing my gimmick. But the fact that he even addressed it was flattering to me. I don't think it's any different than Rey Mysterio giving stuff to the kids. It's gotta keep moving on, and if there's any kind of connection between his giving the sunglasses away and my giving the sunglasses away years ago, between an old fan and a young fan, I think that's beautiful, I have no problem with it at all." You can check out the full 16 minute interview in our "Videos" section by clicking here.

-- Yahoo! has a story about Kimbo Slice leaving MMA to become a pro wrestler in Japan. You can check out the full story at this link.

-- Speaking of MMA, has an article about top UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson apparently feeling that the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter featuring Brock Lesnar as a coach is a sham. Nelson feels that Brock Lesnar's UFC days are done, and he is just doing the show to bring ratings. Nelson feels that the fix is in, and Lesnar will leave the show mid-season and be replaced by Shane Carwin or Frank Mir. You can read all of Nelson's comments by clicking here.

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