Re-Post: WWE RAW Recap With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: WWE RAW Recap With Tons Of Video
By Lenton Lees & Marc Middleton (of

"Yes sir, we promise you John Cena in 5-10 segments here tonight…"

-Raw Opening video.

Preview for Miz/Edge and Diva's Championship match. Wo' boy!

Edge's music hits and out he comes in fighting gear! Edge says he doesn't feel like waiting and throws off his shirt. His tummy is all bandaged up, looks like someone hurt him to the "corre", heh heh. Edge talked about things he doesn't like waiting for. He is sick of waiting for Michael Cole to quit being a tool, he says. Michael Cole chimes in with, "Yeah, glad you're back."

Edge tells Miz to get down to the ring but we get an e-mail! The Anonymous Raw GM hasn't forgotten about the disrespect Edge has shown him in a fast. We are apparently going to get a four-man mini-royal rumble. Winner will get to be #40 in the Royal Rumble. Well, that's not fair at all!

#40 Spot on-the-line for Royal Rumble (unless Edge wins)
Tyson Kidd vs. Edge vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Jack Swagger

Everyone get's thrown out quickly, Edge wins. At least Edge got to bury some of the leaders of our "youth movement" in WWE. That was ridiculous.

Edge goes out of the ring preparing to destroy the laptop when The Nexus music hits. Out comes the CM Punk led Nexus, with Mason Ryan looking fresh! CM Punk paces a bit, diddle-daddling with the microphone. CM Punk says that in this world only the strong survive because they evolve. CM Punk says he saw the Royal Rumble expand so the New Nexus had to evolve and that last week they expanded with the inclusion of this man, Mason Ryan. Mason looks like a nervous kitten lost in New York City. Mason takes the mic. And only has one thing to say… "Faith."

Punk says unlike John Cena & The Corre that their faith will be rewarded Sunday Night. The rewards will be CM Punk with headline WrestleMania and the New Nexus will be the most powerful group in WW-

A strange theme begins to play and out comes The Corre. That music is dreadful. Sounds like bad Christian Rock. Wade Barrett says The Corre isn't about brainwashing, it's about four equals. Ezekial (looking even more nervous than Mason Ryan) says that at the Royal Rumble each member will try to win it for themselves but they will make sure they eliminate CM Punk.

*balink balink*

The Raw GM says he is going to make a very special match, it'll be Wade Barrett vs. CM Punk. The loser will see his entire group (including leader) banned from the Royal Rumble! Oh, and also John Cena will be special referee! High stake match-up, should be a good 'en!

-Commercial Break. I would like to take this time and let everyone know that I want to play some Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 online tomorrow. I have a PS3, username "latinlenny", message me up and let's play!

We're back and we see a review of Last Monday when Alberto Del Rio interrupted the brawl-rumble thing that Mark Henry won. Though it wasn't official so he didn't really win, he just did well.

John Morrison & Mark Henry vs. King Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio

Back from the break and out comes John Morrison followed by his partner Mark Henry. Out next comes Sheamus. Ricardo Rodriguez begins speaking next from ringside and introduces Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio comes driving into the arena.

Del Rio and Morrison start the match off, going to the corner with Del Rio in control. Del Rio works Morrison over and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus goes to slam Morrison in the corner but gets countered. Morrison with a head scissors and a dropkick for a 2-count. Del Rio comes in and Morrison unloads on him as well. Sheamus and Del Rio retreat to the floor as Henry and Morrison look on from the ring. Back to commercial.

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