- At this time, there are still $35 level tickets left for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

- The VIP Tickets for the WWE AXXESS sessions guaranteeing autograph signings with Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Triple H. Those tickets are officially sold out.

- Speaking of the VIP tickets, some fans that have bought the WrestleMania travel package are upset that the AXXESS tickets that came with their package are simply the $35 entrance tickets, as opposed to the VIP tickets for $75. On fan isn't happy at all, saying the following…

"It's a difference of $40. That company can't afford the $40 difference? Why make us suffer because they changed their plans? If you are spending top dollar to support WWE on their biggest weekend of the year, they should be going out of their way for us. Say what you will about TNA, but when I did the VIP package last year, that company went above and beyond. With WWE, I had to ask about the AXXESS tickets just to get a form letter back. Unbelievable. They should have AT LEAST given us a choice between the two ticket levels."

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