-- According to Taz's Twitter account, he will help the students of his dojo gain attention by putting their information on the dojo's website. He also stated that he won't take any percentage from the bookings, but is doing this because he gets behind people 100% when he works with them.

-- The site kayfabecommentaries.com will soon start a new DVD series called Timeline: ECW in March, which will include ECW stars talking about an entire year's worth of news from Extreme Championship Wrestling. Kayfabe released similar DVDs on WWF news with names like Don Muraco, Hacksaw Duggan and others. The next installment of that series will feature Ivory discussing 2001.

-- Former TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan has launched an account on Twitter at twitter.com/RhakaFlckaFlame

-- Recently released TNA Women's Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde turns 25 years old today while Road Warrior Animal turns 51.

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