-- The reason we posted the Shawn McGrath suicide note was due to the fact that he wanted it out there. He expressed to friends and family with another note that he wanted it posted. We would not have posted it if it was against his wishes. However, we have went ahead and removed it anyway.

It's truly a sad story. R.I.P Shawn. If anyone is going through difficult times PLEASE tell someone before taking extreme measures like this. I know it's easier said than done with a suicidal person as many times they don't let their feelings be known. Always contact someone as there will always be people there for you. Heck... email me and I'll be glad to talk to you via email or phone to try to help out.

-- Former wrestler Ion "Johnny K-9" Croitoru is being indicted on murder charges for his alleged role in gangland styles murders. You can read about that at thespec.com

-- ROH producer Dave Lagana has a new blog up, discussing Colt Cabana, at iwantwrestling.com

-- WWE Champion The Miz discussed with Sports Town Chicago his Royal Rumble match with Randy Orton, ideas he has for T-shirts, having his own action figure, the contents of Alex Riley's briefcase, and more.

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