Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- The Sun has an interview up with TNA's Madison Rayne, promoting the TNA European tour. You can check that out at

-- The Miami Herald recently interviewed Scott Hall, discussing his health and his career. You can check that out at Below is an excerpt: "I recently had this pacemaker/defibrillator put in my heart. We have bad hearts in my family genetically. My lifestyle contributed to it, too. I made some bad decisions and some bad choices. If you dance with the devil, you got to pay the price."

-- The New York Daily recently interviewed Brandon Silvestry (aka Kaval/Low Ki) about his departure from WWE. You can read that interview at

-- The US Bank Arena is listing TNA Lockdown on their site already, and it is also already being shown on the main marquee that can be seen from I-75 and I-71.

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