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-- There is a major Strikeforce (Showtime) event tonight as well as the huge Devon Alexander vs. Timothy Bradley boxing fight (HBO) tonight. Both events should be really, really good and are worth checking out. You can check out live coverage of the Strikeforce card at by clicking here.

-- As noted earlier, Edge watched the ROH show last night in L.A, in particular the Kings of Wrestling vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin match.

-- There is not much new to report on the Donna Goldsmith resignation from WWE other than it came as a shock to many people within the company and nobody saw it coming. There is speculation that it is tied to the disappointing fourth quarter but we don't have that confirmed. As you can imagine, Vince McMahon was not happy with those numbers. Goldsmith had been the No. 2 person in WWE behind Vince McMahon since Linda left for the senate run.

-- TNA is really screwed as of right now as they had plans in place for a Main Event Mafia return storyline. There is also a lesson to be learned here as you don't promote a major storyline and then worry about getting the guys for the angle signed to contracts at the last minute. Booker T and Kevin Nash had both been penciled in to be at the Monday TNA iMPACT! tapings to further the "They" storyline. This makes the Monday TV taping interesting as the only former Main Event Mafia member they can now bring in is Sting. They'll obviously need to figure something out this weekend.

-- Tonight's Legends Battle Royal set for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's event at WrestleReunion has been changed to a "Wrestle Royal." They will be doing Royal Rumble style entrances, roughly every 30 seconds. The idea here is likely to give everyone their entrance.

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