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The biggest pops went to Booker T. It was huge, almost as big as Cena. CM Punk was huge over with the crowd and there were several loud CM Punk chants.

Kevin Nash's entrance got a nice pop but not as big as Booker T or Cena .

The Miz got a nice pop for his win . Even Dolph Ziggler got over many fans as chants started for him vs. Edge, but Edge fans won out by a wide margin.

After Nash was eliminated the ref ran up to him, based on what he did, to wait for Big Show.

Alex Riley seemed to be eliminated in error. Cena and Kofi looked at each other. It look like he slipped. Once he was gone, Charles Robinson and one other ref conferred. So one ran to the back. He came back three minutes later right to Miz, who removed his headphones and was told by two refs what he was to do, almost as panic set in.

Fans loved the whole Punk- Daniel Bryan being able to fight alone and kick around each other thing. Adding in William Regal was great. There were several "ROH" chants for them.

Both Booker and Nash got nice chants after being thrown out. There was also a "Thank you Diesel" chant. Nash raised the fist to acknowledge the chant. Booker also slapped high fives to fans as he left.

Punk getting eliminated was a shock to most and Cena was even bigger. As it got down to final 5, the ref kept looking under the ring to tell Santino when to come out. A lot of fans not happy Hornswoggle was in the ring so long.

The set was cool with big pillars.

At least 10 min after the show was off the air I was in the lobby. Del Rio's announcer was still yelling. Fans loved Lawler as there were tons of " Jerry" chants as he came out.

The place was very quiet and there was zero reaction to Eve winning nobody cared.

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