-- Gail Kim took to Twitter to comment on speculation she performed as a heel at Saturday's live event due to her partnership with Maryse in a tag team match. She wrote, "People I was forced to be Maryse's tag partner by the GM! She left me high and dry so don't think I wanted to be her partner.I had no choice."

-- Awesome Kong was backstage at last night's Royal Rumble pay-per-view event in Boston. She teased appearing at the event yesterday on Twitter, but did not appear on camera. She lives in the area.

-- MVP signed a deal over the weekend to work for New Japan. It wasn't easy, either, as MVP's 9-year stint in federal prison left him previously unable to travel to Japan at all. Japan's anti-felon policy made it tough for the wrestler to get his working visa there, but the government eventually relented. According to TMZ, MVP starts in February and will stay for at least a year.

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