-- Friday's WWE SmackDown! drew a 2.01 (2.0) cable rating, with 3,024,000 viewers.

-- CMLL sent out a press release Monday night saying that Mistico is still under contract to them and would work all of his scheduled dates. No word if it's the real Mistico or just someone else under the mask. More shortly.

-- As noted earlier here on the website, there was much talk internally relating to the overwhelming crowd reaction both Kevin Nash and Booker T received Sunday night at the Royal Rumble. Booker was originally slated to return as a manager who wrestled and coached, but based on his performance last night, many feel he can "still go." A few ideas have been discussed for him involving top tier WWE talent. He has signed a long-term contract with the organization. Nash is scheduled for no more than short-term run with WWE, but officials are open to using him as a trainer or coach. Wrestling, however, seems unlikely at this point.

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