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Jeremy Borash & AJ Styles on Monsters in the Morning Radio. This morning AJ Styles and Jeremy Borash was on XM 152 and 104.1 Orlando to discuss various topics.

AJ said he enjoyed earning money while wrestling. When asked whether being a smaller wrestler made it difficult to get in the business. AJ said he is about average but it wasn't hard for him to adjust. He said he had to do more high-flying though.

AJ says he has three kids and is difficult to be away from home. He said when it's been two weeks, he would go crazy. Host asks if he has had women approaching him, AJ says he doesn't have a problem with that as he has his ring out. Borash said AJ is oblivious to it.

Borash says they register in hotels with different names. Borash said in the UK, it's a different level of fame as they just did 10,000 seat arena in Wembley Arena. Hosts asked how big the wrestlers are in Europe. Borash said huge. Borash noted that one of the reasons Angle left WWE was to wrestle AJ Styles.

Styles said his wife would rather visit a beach than follow him in Europe, in a different country. Styles said he was baffled about that.

Host asks about the veterans coming to TNA. Styles said Flair is older but acts younger than him. Borash said the gyms are packed with the wrestlers working out each morning when the wrestlers are travelling. Borash said the Ireland fans are rabid and the venue was sold out.

Borash said in France, the TV isn't as strong and it makes a difference in the reception. They plug 5:30pm at Universal for tonight's Spike tapings.

AJ says he's always on the road wrestling, so he doesn't get when people tell him that TNA's schedule is lighter. AJ says the Ireland fans were rowdy.

Borash promotes tonight and says it will be a huge night.

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