-- The Appleton Post Crescent has an interview up with Wade Barrett, which you can read by clicking here. Here is an excerpt: "I know I've always felt more comfortable being an antagonist and on the few occasions in my career when I've tried to go out and be the fan favorite, back in my days in the U.K., I just never did a good job with it. I was always very bad at getting the fans to get behind me and cheer for me and clap for me, so I knew very early in my career that I would be a better antagonist than protagonist. Some guys are better fit for certain roles and I think I'm a better fit as a heel."

-- Steve Austin posted on Twitter that he had a meeting in Venice, CA with WWE regarding Tough Enough. That series should begin shooting in a few weeks, and will debut in April.

-- ESPN.com is reporting that Los Angeles wants to bring WrestleMania to the city, once the new Farmers Field stadium is built. You can check out the story by clicking here.

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