TNA House Show Results (2/3) From New Orleans - Morgan Vs. Anderson & More

4. TNA Tag Team Title Match Beer Money def. Eric Young and Orlando Jordan Eric Young comes out wearing the original TNA World Title belt. Beer Money came out to a nice pop. Young and Roode start out the match and run back and forth through the ropes, in that Young slides out and Roode acts frustrated. Throughout the match, Eric Young acts like he is on Beer Money's team which was funny. Later on, when Roode and Orlando Jordan are in the ring, Roode jumps out and jumps over the barricade and sits in an empty seat in the front row which was a funny sight. There is even a point when Young is on Beer Money's side and they tag him in and he faces off against Jordan for a few minutes. Jordan is confused and keeps yelling to Young "What are you doing?!" Toward the end, Young slips off his shorts and reveals blue Beer Money tights. He joins them in the Beer Money chant. The end comes when Beer Money gave Young, which looks like, a botched DWI. Young landed hard on his head. Young shakes hands with Roode and Storm after the match.

Intermission Angelina Love is signing autographs at intermission. My friend and I head backstage with the pass we bought. Mostly the same people from the meet-and-greet: Young, Jordan, Roode, Cookie, Robbie E, and Sarita. Foley, Devon, and James Storm are also signing. Big crowd for Foley and he was nice to everyone. He told me he thought he met me before, even though I never met him before. A+ for the backstage stuff. Everyone was approachable and so nice to talk to.

5. Jeff Jarrett def. Samoa Joe. Good 10 minute match. Jarrett is in good shape for being 43. Jarrett won with the Stroke. After the match, Joe argues with Jackson James and James pushes Joe. Joe puts James in the Musclebuster for a huge pop.

6. TNA World Title match Mr. Anderson def. Matt Morgan. Great match from both guys. Anderson won with the Mic Check. Anderson makes Borash give him the microphone in his open hand since no mic fell down in Anderson's hand. The same thing he normally does at all house shows. Anderson gets on the mic and tells Borash that since he can't bring everyone backstage, the wrestlers will come around the ring for more autographs. Young, Jordan, Robbie E, Cookie, and Sarita come to ringside to sign autographs. Anderson does the post-show picture in the ring for $20. Anderson is so laid-back and took time to shake hands and talk to everyone that got a picture with him. Jeff Jarrett was signing autographs at the merchandise stand while the post-show ring picture with Anderson was going on.

Even though I am not a fan of most of TNA's current storylines, they put on a great house show. My friend, who was attending his first wrestling event, loved it from start to finish. A+ for all of the meet-and-greet and backstage stuff, including all of the autograph sessions. Don West is an excellent pitchman and Mick Foley was a nice surprise, considering it's been December since we have seen him. This was the second house show in New Orleans and it was so much better than the first one back in April 2009. The show in 2009 just did the post-show ring picture with Foley and the "backstage passes to the loudest fans" bit and did not have any of the backstage passes for $50, Jarrett's guitar and all the extras for $200, autograph sessions before and after the show and at intermission, and the meet-and-greet with a $50 ticket deal. A+ for the whole house show experience and I hope TNA comes back to New Orleans soon.

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