TNA House Show Results (2/3) From New Orleans - Morgan Vs. Anderson & More

TNA House Show Results (2/3) From New Orleans - Morgan Vs. Anderson & More
Thanks to reader Ryan Kennedy for sending in this report of TNA's house show last night in New Orleans, LA:

I was at the TNA house show from the UNO Lakefront Arena and it was another great house show by TNA. I brought my friend who has never been to a wrestling show and he loved it. I have to applaud TNA for another job well done on their house shows, from the meet-and-greet to the backstage passes to the post-show picture with Mr. Anderson in the ring. While we were in line for the meet-and-greet, Don West comes out to tell us about how it will go down and asks us if we want to buy programs. Atlas Security was doing the security as usual.

The meet-and-greet started at around 6. We line up at the barricades and the wrestlers come around ringside to sign and take pictures. Robert Roode, Robbie E, Cookie, Sarita, Eric Young, Orlando Jordan, Tommy Dreamer, the referee Jackson James, and another ref were signing autographs and taking pictures. All of them were very nice and open to taking pictures, which I asked many for photo ops. While this was going on, Don West kept talking and was doing his usual Brown Bag Specials and selling the Jeff Jarrett guitars for $200 which included meeting Jeff backstage, his autograph, and picture with him. Also, you get to go backstage again at intermission and the post-event ring picture was included in the $200. Also, they were selling $50 backstage passes for you and a guest which included 8X10s of Angelina Love, Mick Foley, and Jeff Jarrett, going backstage at intermission, and the post-event ring picture. My friend and I bought that and split the price between us.

After the meet-and-greet, Don West would come in the ring every 10 minutes to pitch more Brown Bag Specials and throw shirts, DVDs, The Pope's sunglasses, and Jeff Hardy pendants to the crowd. Matt Morgan was signing autographs by the merchandise table. When the show actually started, Jeremy Borash came in the ring to give out the backstage passes. One of the TNA employees wanted Borash to stop giving them out. I forgot why, but it was probably the whole "Jeff Jarrett doesn't want anyone backstage" bit. But Borash kept giving them out.

1. Tommy Dreamer def. Robbie E (W/Cookie) Good match. Good to see Tommy Dreamer in the ring since he has not been on television lately. Robbie E was trying to show Tommy how to fist-pump, which was a funny sight. Cookie got involved trying to hold Dreamer's foot when he crossed the ropes. He grabbed her by the hair and put her in the corner. The finish is when Robbie knocks into Cookie in the corner and Dreamer hits the Death Valley Driver for the win. Good 10 minute match.

2. Angelina Love def. Sarita Typical Knockouts match. Angelina Love did her very nice ring entrance. Angelina and Sarita are so pretty in person.

3. Devon def. Bully Ray in a Tables Match with Mick Foley as the special guest referee Bully Ray gets typical heel heat by pushing a member of Atlas security and trash talking at fans. Bully Ray stalls a little before the match starts and pushes the ref. The ref grabs a microphone and says him and the rest of the TNA roster are sick of Bully Ray bulling people around. So he called in a special guest referee and out comes Mick Foley to a huge pop! Mick Foley is dressed in sweatpants and a Bruce Springsteen 1993 Tour jacket. Another friend of mine who had tickets next to me brought his "We Want Tables" sign and Foley grabbed the sign mid-match and held it up in the ring for a nice pop. The finish came with Bully Ray pushing Foley and Foley brings out Mr. Socko and shoves Socko down Ray's throat and Devon slams Bully Ray through a table for the win.

Thanks to Ryan Kennedy for contributing to this article. Got a news tip? Send it to us by clicking here.

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