Jim Ross has posting his latest blog. Check out the highlights:

On Oliver Humperdink: "Best wishes go out to former wrestling manager Sir Oliver Humperdink who is apparently battling kidney cancer. Hump was a great mouthpiece in the 70's-80's and we got to know each other way back in the day. Hump's team of the original Hollywood Blondes of Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts was one of the most underrated tag teams I ever saw. Great wrestling villains with a manager that could tell their story and be a factor at ringside. God Bless Hump and keep him in your prayers."

On Showing Up at AXXESS: "I will be with King at a THQ appearance at WM27 Fan AXXESS on Friday night of WM27 week which is the night before HBK is inducted into the WWE HOF. I am slated to also have appearances at AXXESS on Saturday during the day and on Sunday morning. When I get conformation of the exact times I will let every one know and hope to see you in Atlanta."

On CM Punk: "Is there a better wrestling villain on TV these days than CM Punk? Arguable question but for my sauce, Punk is right there at the top of the heap with a handful of his peers."

On Steve Austin Hosting Tough Enough: "Steve Austin is very excited about hosting the new season of Tough Enough. It will be interesting to see how much star power and expertise is put in place when the training staff is announced. My instincts say that Austin will have a strong team to help him with the trainees. This will be a great opportunity for Stone Cold to be Stone Cold and to re-engage his many fans on a weekly TV series of which I have great expectations for and will be watching and DVR'ing every week. I do not know the status of Tough Enough airing outside the USA for those that are asking."

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