Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, February 7th, 2011 (USA Network)
Location: The Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Results by Marc Elusive of 411 Wrestling

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…"

Live from the Bradley Center in MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (Go Brewers!)

Mr. McMahon opens the show, wow haven't seen him in a while; he's looking good considering he was in a coma recently. He congratulates the Packer Fans on the SuperBowl and discusses WrestleMania and WrestleMania moments. He says the guest host of WrestleMania will be there? Hmmmm. Randy Orton follows and says that he and CM Punk are not even close to being even, he's just begun; speak of the Devil here is Punk. Ha, Michael Cole agreed with me. Punk sits down because he agrees with "Randall". Punk explains that he cost him the title at the Royal Rumble because Orton (with Legacy) took Punk out prior to his title match Unforgiven '08 with a punt kick, causing him to forfeit the World title; eye for an eye. Punk says his actions are honorable and promises Orton will never be WWE champion again. Punk says he is going to eliminate Randall right now; New Nexus heads to the ring. Orton attacks them until Mason Ryan nails him and the Horseman stomp him down. Punk begins to talk but Orton tackles him so more beat down is required. They tie him in the ropes like André the Giant and Orton still manages a kick so more beating ensues. Punk looks to have a broken nose. Nexus props Orton on Punk's shoulders and he nails the Go2Sleep. Nexus celebrates post-beat down.

4.5/10 Good opening segment as Mr. McMahon returns and we get Punk's explanation, it remains constant with his legitimate reasons he usually comes up with.

Scenes from the Chaperone are shown.

R-Truth vs. Mason Ryan: Raw GM books all of New Nexus in matches against Elimination Chamber opponents and bans the rest from ringside; I think this is Ryan's Raw in-ring debut. Truth asks Green Bay what's up; I agree with Michael Cole here, they are in Milwaukee. Ryan clobbers Truth as the fans chant "Milwaukee" well it is Algonquin for The Good Land and… oh, the match, sorry. Truth hits the Lie Detector but appears to have injured his leg on the landing; Ryan takes advantage slamming the leg on the ring ropes. Unique. Mason Ryan continues to work over Truth's leg; Ryan applies a Brock Lock for the immediate tap out. Post-match Ryan refuses to relinquish the hold. Ryan grabs a chair and the referee keeps taking it so Ryan just goes into the ring and reapplies the Brock Lock causing the referee to reverse his decision. 3.5/10 Whatever, I don't care about the decision reversal, the ACTUAL match made Mason Ryan look like a killer.

In the back CM Punk berates Mason Ryan and then congratulates and wants New Nexus to hurt people not too much so they get replaced. Smart. David Otunga is concerned about facing Sheamus, Punk says to have faith.

WWE Diva's Champion Eve Torres, Gail Kim & Tamina vs. Melina & Bella Twins: Natalya is at ringside commentating, this has clusterf--k written all over it. Gail Kim works over both Bellas until they overwhelm her and work her over in the corner and double clothesline her. Brie Bella works Gail on the ropes and tags in Melina and she applies a bow-and-arrow hold. Gail props her on the top and Gail counters and tags in Eve Torres as Michael Cole and Natalya get chippy on commentary. Eve floor Melina with a clothesline and a standing moonsault and all hell breaks loose and Eve clocks Melina with a neckbreaker for three. 2.5/10 Yup, clusterf--k in the ring and on commentary.

Wow, Johnny Cash is returning to the WWE on 2/21/11!

I KNEW the WWE would jump all over Aaron Rogers holding the World Championship while he celebrated his SuperBowl MVP.

They go over the dimensions, history and rules of the Elimination Chamber. I still think they should have stayed with No Way Out as the title of this PPV it still makes sense.

John Morrison vs. Michael McGillicutty: Morrison attacks at the bell and McGillicutty fakes him out with a clothesline and clotheslines the back of his head. McGillicutty tosses stomps and tosses him into the buckle hard; to the floor (while Morrison is still in the ring) McGillicutty works the arm and wraps it around the post and he tries to crush it between the steps with a dropkick. Morrison fires up and hits the Flash Kick into Starship Pain for three. Punk's going to be mad; so he takes matters into his own hands sneaking up and spraying something into Morrison's eyes as he is heading towards the back. 2/10 Poor McGillicutty as he got pretty much squashed here. Morrison looked good in his five seconds of offense.

The Miz and Alex Riley head out to the ring to congratulate Jerry "The King" Lawler on becoming the #1 contender. Miz was rooting for Lawler last week and asks him to come to the ring and asks Riley to leave. Miz admits he wants to face Lawler because his mouth mirrors Miz's; hmm, good point. Miz says he patterned his career after Lawler but he is the champion and Lawler never will be. Lawler makes fun of Miz's hair and Lawler backs up his mouth and calls himself an original. Miz calls Lawler an original cheap shot artist and shows clips from last week involving Ted Dibiase. Lawler says everyone around the world including the people in MILWAUKEE think he sucks. Jerry gets serious and says he has never been WWE champion and to compete at WrestleMania; says it is a lifelong dream and had been competing for forty years, so he is coming full force. After he wins he is saying that he is going to WrestleMania! Miz says Lawler is wrong and starts his catch phrase but Lawler punctuates it with an "awful". Miz tries to nail him but Lawler counters flings a charging Riley to the floor and stomps away until Ted Dibiase arrives to help out. Daniel Bryan runs down to even up the odds. Ah, there's the Raw GM to make the tag match. 6.5/10 Pretty good promo work from both guys and then segueing into the match. I have no problem with Lawler as #1 contender; I watched the guy in the WWF/E for the past 18 years so I'm happy for him.

WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan & Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. WWE Heavyweight Champion The Miz & Ted Dibiase: Alex Riley joins Michael Cole on commentary, oh joy. Bryan starts off with Dibiase and Bryan gets a knee lift and soccer kicks Dibiase. Corner dropkick by Bryan and Lawler tags in; double elbow followed by a King fist drop. Miz comes in and Lawler bodyslams him over and over; Miz begs off and momentums him to the floor where Dibiase gets a few shot in. Back from commercial, Bryan appears to have been crotched on the top rope by Dibiase; Miz lands his corner clothesline (that NEEDS a name) and gets two. Maryse has turned up at ringside as Dibiase works over Bryan; Miz punches away until Bryan gets a one-foot dropkick. Double tags are made and Lawler hammers away on Dibiase and adds a backdrop and dropkick. Lawler drops Ted Dibiase with a DDT and the Miz saves. They try to double team the King but Lawler counters and Bryan takes out Miz with a missile dropkick followed by a topé, meanwhile, in the ring Lawler counters a corner whip and Dibiase posts his shoulder. DOWN COMES THE STRAP and Lawler drops the fist onto Dibiase for three. 5.5/10 Perfectly acceptable tag team match promoting two storylines at the same time; Bryan and Dibiase get a little rub being in there with the main eventers. I really hope they have a direction for Dibiase here because being a jobber really does not get anyone over, that only works for Barry Horowitz after TEN years of jobbing.

King Sheamus vs. David "A List" Otunga: Josh Matthews comes out during the entrance and demands to know what Sheamus thinks of Mark Henry's comments that he should be in the Elimination Chamber. Sheamus makes a few fat jokes at Henry's expense and says he will shut Henry's mouth for him. That was really random. Otunga comes out and Mark Henry follows and attacks Sheamus and tries an avalanche but Sheamus boots him, Otunga tries to sneak in but gets knocked off the turnbuckle; Sheamus misses the Brogue Kick and Henry gets the World's Strongest Slam, twice. Otunga returns and stands over the beaten Sheamus and then Alberto Del Rio shows up (but you already knew that), what the Hell is going on here? 3.5/10 That had a random old school Attitude Era rapid-fire feel to it as the bookers appear to have ADD.

WWE Tag Team Champion Santino Marella vs. Alberto Del Rio: Del Rio rules, but you already knew that. He talks destiny to win the Rumble and win at WrestleMania. Santino Marella runs to the ring and they battle. Santino tosses him over the top rope and trombone celebrates. Del Rio attacks at the bell that has finally rung. Alberto tries a rope splash but Santino moves and Del Rio slides to the floor. Marella hammers away but posts himself and Del Rio backdrop suplexes him and hammerlocks the arm and drops knees on it. Del Rio applies an armlock; Del Rio misses the step-up enziguri and Santino hobbles around, into the split-legged dropdown and the hiptoss. Santino fires up the Cobra that misses and Del Rio drops the double knee arm breaker. Alberto immediately flips Santino into the cross-arm breaker. 2/10 Whew, that was rapid fire storyline, the bookers always seem to kick everything into hyper-drive on the Road to WrestleMania. Del Rio gets a squash win on Santino to tie up a Royal Rumble "loose end".

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler arrive to tell us all Dolph Ziggler will enter the Elimination Chamber as the champion. I was wondering, you think it would help or hurt Ziggler to win the title on Friday and then lose it in the Chamber? John Cena interrupts. Dolph wonders why he is here; Cena says to shut them up. Cena gets a shot in on Christina Aguilera for butchering the National Anthem at the SuperBowl and offers an apology for the R-Truth Green Bay blunder. Brewer's commentator Bob Ueker gets a shout out! Cena makes some disparaging remarks about Vickie who grabs the microphone and gets booed out of the building. Vickie threatens to leave if the fans do not give her respect. Cena leads the fans in a "Go Pack, Go" chant to get them to leave; they actually do. John Cena now turns his attention to New Nexus and their injury rampage. Cena is their flaw because he is healthy. He threatens to kick all of their Elimination Chambers (PG for "ass"). 5.5/10 Usually I dislike silly Cena promos but I was entertained by this one.

John Cena vs. CM Punk main events us...

John Cena vs CM Punk. Cena with a low blow on Punk and gets disqualified. Nexus is out to surround the ring. Lawler hands Cena a chair and he nails Otunga and McGilicutty with it.

Credit: Marc Elusive

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