WWE RAW Results (2/7) - CM Punk Vs. John Cena!

Wow, Johnny Cash is returning to the WWE on 2/21/11!

I KNEW the WWE would jump all over Aaron Rogers holding the World Championship while he celebrated his SuperBowl MVP.

They go over the dimensions, history and rules of the Elimination Chamber. I still think they should have stayed with No Way Out as the title of this PPV it still makes sense.

John Morrison vs. Michael McGillicutty: Morrison attacks at the bell and McGillicutty fakes him out with a clothesline and clotheslines the back of his head. McGillicutty tosses stomps and tosses him into the buckle hard; to the floor (while Morrison is still in the ring) McGillicutty works the arm and wraps it around the post and he tries to crush it between the steps with a dropkick. Morrison fires up and hits the Flash Kick into Starship Pain for three. Punk's going to be mad; so he takes matters into his own hands sneaking up and spraying something into Morrison's eyes as he is heading towards the back. 2/10 Poor McGillicutty as he got pretty much squashed here. Morrison looked good in his five seconds of offense.

The Miz and Alex Riley head out to the ring to congratulate Jerry "The King" Lawler on becoming the #1 contender. Miz was rooting for Lawler last week and asks him to come to the ring and asks Riley to leave. Miz admits he wants to face Lawler because his mouth mirrors Miz's; hmm, good point. Miz says he patterned his career after Lawler but he is the champion and Lawler never will be. Lawler makes fun of Miz's hair and Lawler backs up his mouth and calls himself an original. Miz calls Lawler an original cheap shot artist and shows clips from last week involving Ted Dibiase. Lawler says everyone around the world including the people in MILWAUKEE think he sucks. Jerry gets serious and says he has never been WWE champion and to compete at WrestleMania; says it is a lifelong dream and had been competing for forty years, so he is coming full force. After he wins he is saying that he is going to WrestleMania! Miz says Lawler is wrong and starts his catch phrase but Lawler punctuates it with an "awful". Miz tries to nail him but Lawler counters flings a charging Riley to the floor and stomps away until Ted Dibiase arrives to help out. Daniel Bryan runs down to even up the odds. Ah, there's the Raw GM to make the tag match. 6.5/10 Pretty good promo work from both guys and then segueing into the match. I have no problem with Lawler as #1 contender; I watched the guy in the WWF/E for the past 18 years so I'm happy for him.

WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan & Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. WWE Heavyweight Champion The Miz & Ted Dibiase: Alex Riley joins Michael Cole on commentary, oh joy. Bryan starts off with Dibiase and Bryan gets a knee lift and soccer kicks Dibiase. Corner dropkick by Bryan and Lawler tags in; double elbow followed by a King fist drop. Miz comes in and Lawler bodyslams him over and over; Miz begs off and momentums him to the floor where Dibiase gets a few shot in. Back from commercial, Bryan appears to have been crotched on the top rope by Dibiase; Miz lands his corner clothesline (that NEEDS a name) and gets two. Maryse has turned up at ringside as Dibiase works over Bryan; Miz punches away until Bryan gets a one-foot dropkick. Double tags are made and Lawler hammers away on Dibiase and adds a backdrop and dropkick. Lawler drops Ted Dibiase with a DDT and the Miz saves. They try to double team the King but Lawler counters and Bryan takes out Miz with a missile dropkick followed by a topé, meanwhile, in the ring Lawler counters a corner whip and Dibiase posts his shoulder. DOWN COMES THE STRAP and Lawler drops the fist onto Dibiase for three. 5.5/10 Perfectly acceptable tag team match promoting two storylines at the same time; Bryan and Dibiase get a little rub being in there with the main eventers. I really hope they have a direction for Dibiase here because being a jobber really does not get anyone over, that only works for Barry Horowitz after TEN years of jobbing.

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