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Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas recently caught up with Paul Bearer on Right After Wrestling Radio. Paul Bearer informed the duo that he will appear during WrestleMania week, signing autographs at Fan Axxess events, and will be featured in the new WWE video game. You can check out some highlights below:

Keeping his return to WWE a secret: "I worked my butt off kayfabing. I hid out all day long – nobody knew I was even in the building. (When we rehearsed) I popped out of the casket and Teddy Long asked "Who's in the Paul Bearer suit?" I had such a good time."

His latest run in WWE: "I had such a good time working with Undertaker and Kane. It took a little bit to talk me into it. They said it would only be a few shots…if it worked out I could stay a little longer and obviously it did. And then I got kidnapped by Edge – and working with Edge and Kane and all those vignettes were directed by Vince, himself. And I was so comfortable working with him right there. And I felt that last month was some of the best work I'd ever done. But that ball (that Edge threw at him in the vignettes) hurt like a b---h! "

Should Taker's streak ever be broken: "NO! Absolutely not! Why should it be? It would never happen again. There's no reason to break it. He's certainly earned that spot – in his biography – as the Phenom. It'll never happen again. I would be close to 80 if it ever happened again. Who even knows if he'll be wrestling at WrestleMania? I don't."

Being in the Hall of Fame: "I just say 'why now'? I'm in no hurry. I worked my ass of and I think I deserve to be inducted one day. The biggest honour I could have is if I am inducted at the same time the Undertaker goes in. That would be the biggest honour for me. "

You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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