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On Robo Cop in WCW: Emailer...Asked how I kept a straight face while broadcasting the Robo Cop biz during a WCW PPV. It was too absurd to laugh about so I simply did my best, got through it, and promptly attempted to erase it from my mind as quickly as possible. I can't tell you to this day what the forgettable details were surrounding the Robo Cop storyline. It was another classic example of WCW attempting, in their mindset, to 'out WWE the WWE ' in the sizzle/show biz department and move more into the main stream of pop culture/entertainment, etc.

On The WrestleMania Guest Host: The tease to next Monday Night's Raw regarding the 'Host' of WM27 has garnered a great deal of discussion and feedback on our site and w/ our Twitter followers @JRsBBQ. Actually it's one of the more thought provoking issues that WWE has thrown out there in a while, along with the vignettes talking about 2-21-11. Both of these matters are hits with fans based on what feedback that we've received. We've gotten a wide array of suggestions as to who folks think will be the Guest Host of Wrestlemania 27 that emanates from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Bob Barker, Justin Beiber, 'Arnold the Governor,' The Rock, Stone Cold, Aaron Rodgers, Ted Turner, Dusty Rhodes, Mr. McMahon, the RAW General Manager revealed, etc. I'm happy that I don't know who it is and will enjoy watching Monday Night Raw that much more to find out.

On Brock Lesnar: Brock Lesnar is reportedly doing an excellent job in his role as a coach for TUF that begins airing on Spike in a few weeks. This will lead into to the Lesnar-Junior Dos Santos fight later this year which will greatly enhance the UFC PPV headlined by these two heavyweights. Yes, 'business is picking up' for these two, talented heavyweights who are both looking for a title opportunity. Sources say Lesnar and his family and complete training camp are living in a luxury home in Vegas while TUF is being taped. This is a magnificent marketing opportunity for Brock's upcoming book written with Paul Heyman not to mention Lesnar's merch line 'Death Clutch.' In all due respect, I'd rather winter a few weeks in Vegas as opposed to Northern Minnesota but that's must me. Hopefully Lesnar is working diligently on his striking defense as Dos Santos can throw with the best of them and seemingly the way to beat Brock is by exploiting his striking defense and staying vertical.

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