-- The reason the sellout will be so many fewer people than the 2002 WrestleMania is that UFC is putting up 14 big screens to aid in viewing. Also, instead of putting chairs on the floor like at WrestleMania, they are bringing bleachers into the floor that will go up to 14 feet off the ground for improved site lines. Due to this, there are less seats are available. Also, because the bleachers will be going so high, there are 6,000 to 7,000 seats in the 200 section that would be blocked so the people on the floor get a better live view.

-- As of today, resale market prices for UFC 129 show are going for $147 to $180 for $50 face value seats. For the $800 seats they are going for $1,500 to $7,000. There are tickets on sale as high as $39,999 for the front row. That's ridiculous. I know I don't have 40K to blow on a front row ticket but I know there are some who will gladly pay that. It must be nice to be rich!

-- Randy Orton has tweeted about the traveling involved in getting from last night's show in Victoria, BC to tonight's show in Bakersfield, CA. It consists of a two-hour ferry ride to Vancouver, a three-hour drive to Seattle, a flight to LA, and then driving to Bakersfield. Ouch.

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