Partial Source: Pwinsider

The WWE Hall of Fame highlight special will not air until Monday April 4th at 8PM on the USA Network, the day after Wrestlemania 27 as noted last night.

This is good news for fans attending the ceremony, which is on 4/2, because the introductions and acceptance speeches will no longer need to be shortened so that WWE can edit the one-hour broadcast in time for broadcast that same day. It sucks for the rest of you.

Speeches have been heavily edited in recent years, such as Bret Hart in 2006 and Ric Flair in 2008, so they could film the "confetti raining down" moment of the night and edit in time.

In 2009, WWE laid down strict time restrictions for those inducting Hall of Fame members and those accepting the award. Although it shortened the run time for the production team, it also hurt the speeches and made the ceremony less memorable.

This should give those in attendance something to look forward to, more time for the production team, and also something to beef up the WrestleMania 27 DVD release.

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