TNA Against All Odds Opener:

Taz and Tenay discuss the coming matches.

Robbie and Cookie out to the ring. he says that he has good and bad news. The good news is that due to Gen Me's travel issues, he's the new #1 contender for the X Division Title. Even though he GTW'd all week, he's not wrestling. He tells the ref to count the ten and raise his hand to make it official.

The ref counts the ten and Robbie is #1 contender. Robbie and Cookie celebrate.

Kaz out and calls Cookie cheap. Kaz says he can't just show but not give everyone what they're there to see. There will be an X Division Title Match tonight. That match will be right now.

Kazarian vs. Robbie E (w/Cookie)

Kaz on Robbie hard in the ring. Punches to Robbie, then a clothesline and a gut wrench to Robbie. Kaz grabs at Kaz and gets her hand stomped. Robbie thrown down for two. Robbie hung up top, then an upper cut to the floor. Kaz pulled off the apron, face first to the stairs. Back in the ring and Robbie's whipped, but a foot into Kaz's face. Robbie drops a fist from up top, then a shoulder into Kaz's gut. Robbie chokes Kaz with a foot. Cookie attacks Kaz behind the ref's back. More choking with Robbie's foot.

Robbie keeps control over Kaz as the fans shout heat at him. Robbie stomps Kaz, then chokes Kaz with a knee in a corner. Snap mare into a chinlock on Kaz on the mat. Kaz hits a springboard dropkick to Robbie, then a couple clotheslines and a dropkick. Springboard leg drop on Robbie for two. Kaz misses his inverted tombstone, Robbie misses his finisher, but Cookie attacks Kaz from outside. Kaz managed to hit his inverted tombstone for three. Kaz retains his X Division Championship!

Winner: Kaz

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