Hemme with Devon and his boys. Devon says he made a mistake. This match is between him and Ray. Terrence and Terrell argue this. He can't take the chance of Ray using them to get to Devon. Devon tells them that they will listen to him. They're not to be where Ray can get his hands on them. They will not be involved. He won't let anything happen to them. They unhappily agree.

Samoa Joe vs. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

The Pope out to the ring. Joe out to face him, white towel over his shoulders. Pope sneers at Joe in the ring. Pope dances around, showing his 'Pope's gonna kill you' trunks. Pope slides out of the ring, sneers more. Pope onto the apron, one leg into the ring, then he climbs in. Kick to Joe's gut, then a forearm to his back. Joe comes back with a headlock, but Pope flees the ring.

Pope decides to leave the match. Up the ramp, but then Okato stops him, backs Pope down the ramp. Suicide dive with a forearm to Pope's face. Pope back in for a head butt. Pope tries to reverse, then has a hard time hitting his suplex. Forearms to Pope's face. Joe punches on Pope. Joe splats Pope in a corner, then that fast flash kick.

Joe slams his foot across a sitting Pope's face. Joe on Pope hard until a poke to Joe's eyes, the Joe sent outside. Joe face first to the apron, then rolled back in. A shot to the back of Joe's head, then a forearm. Joe back with punches, but Pope's clothesline drops Joe. Punches to Joe's head.

Strikes to Pope, but a drop kick drops Joe. Pope drops Joe with a neck breaker. Punch to Joe's head. Pope showboats, then up top. Joe catches Pope with an inverted atomic drop. Pope slammed down, then splashed for two. Joe hits that sweet power slam for two. Joe gets Pope up, but he wiggles out. Knee to Joe's head. Pope showboats. Pope removes top padding. Chops to Joe, then he's whipped, but Joe stops himself before hitting the corner. Pope tries more offense but Joe locks on his choke and Pope very quickly taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe and Pope talk a bit in the ring. Pope extends his hand, Joe waves him off. Pope tries again. Joe slaps his hand. Pope attacks Joe. Okato over the top, but Pope drops him fast. Joe face first into the exposed buckle. Pope then hits his DDE onto Joe. Joe falls to the mat, blood dripping. Joe screams and runs at Pope who runs for his life. Pope taunts from the stage.

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