Jeff Hardy said he was going to get his title back and wished Ken Anderson well, "you a**hole."

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

Morgan into the ring. 'Morgan' chants. He says he was going to say something. He calls out Hernandez. Hernandez out, all ego. Morgan wants Hernandez to talk before he beats Hernandez's ass all over the Zone. Morgan wants to know why Hernandez cost him the title shot? What about his title shot? Hernandez went to Mexico, his roots, his people. They love him, treated him like the star he is. Not how he's treated here. He's there to tell Morgan and white America, no more! This is Hispanic America. This is our country. That's why he's back in TNA, to stick it to every gringo who doesn't appreciate them. Morgan doesn't like it, take his candy ass out of their country. Low blow to Morgan. Shoulder block to Morgan.

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