Hemme with Ray. He screams in her face. He then bullied her, tried to get her to cry. He likes to see women cry, shows how weak they are. Talking about weak, Devon. He wants Devon's sons as he can make a man out of them. If they follow Devon, they'll be side kicks taking orders from a man like Ray. He's done with Ray and ending this stuff with Devon. he's beating Devon and wants to beat his kids too. Does Hemme like that? He knows she does.

Street Fight
Brother Devon vs. Bully Ray

Bully Ray out, then backstage again. Devon's music and he runs out to the ring. He then realizes no Ray. Ray sneaks up behind Devon with that chain, but Devon stops him with punches. They exchange blows, then Ray onto the barrier. a water bottle punch to Ray's head. More blows on Ray.

Ray's face bounces off the stairs. Devon grabs a cable and chokes Ray with it. They exchange blows. Devon hits another liquid shot, covering a camera. More blows on Ray and more people offering Devon drinks to hit Ray with. Ray into the ring, Devon under hunting. Devon with a kendo stick to Ray's throat. Two blows to Ray's back. Ray slapped Devon. Devon hits Ray over the head with the kendo. Devon with a chair, puts it on Ray's head. Devon grabs Ray's chain. Devon yells, but then Terrence and Terrell out tot he ring, cheering Devon on. They argue from outside the ring. Ray nails Devon in the back with the chair.

Ray spits on the boys, then puts the chair over Devon's head. The boys get in the ring and grab Ray's arms. He flings them off. Ray swings the chain, taunting them. Devon up and nails Ray with clotheslines. Ray yells 'oh s--t!' as Devon hits a body drops on him. One boy hits Ray with a chair. They hold Ray's legs fro Devon to fly with 'what's up! Devon slaps the boys' chests, counts and they all yell, 'get the tables!' The boys did just that. Devon sets it up, but then a low blow from Ray. Ray out, grabs handcuffs and locks Devon to a corner.

The boys in to help Devon. Ray takes out one boy, then yells at Devon to look. The other boy attacks Ray and eats a big boot. Ray pins the second boy for three.

Winner: Bully Ray

Devon still cuffed and can't get to his boys as Ray gloats. Ray chases off Earl Hebner. 'You suck' chants. Ray yells at Devon, then spits at him. Ray wants to know what Devon's going to do. Ray yells, 'oh my brother, testify!' Ray wails back with the chair, but then doesn't hit Devon. Devon screams for security as Ray threatens the boys with the chair. Ray seemed to come back to reality, but then he grabbed a boy, kept yelling at Devon that he's weak. Ray then bombs a boy through the table. Ray then seemed to fall into that trance while Devon really oversold. Ray dropped down and said it's 'because Devon's weak.

Devon yelled that he's going to kill Ray as he left. Finally they got Devon lose to check on his boys. Medical people helping both boys. The one who went through the table being slid onto a board as Taz is completely disgusted about why they have to watch this so closely.

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