JB with Jeff and Karen, both in red. JJ says he'd never put his kids in harms way. Angle doesn't have a chance to beat JJ. He guarantees he'll beat Angle. On March 3rd Angle will walk Karen to JJ.


Hemme with Angle. He says all he's worried about is his kids. He sees JJ messing with his kids. Tonight, after he beats Daddy Jeff's ass, they're coming home.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett
If Jarrett wins, Angle must give Karen Jarrett away at her wedding. If Angle wins, he gets sole custody of Kody and Kyra Angle

JJ out with Karen on his arm. Karen is in a slim red dress, belted with big earrings and sparkly silver go-go boots! Angle comes up through the stage, then out.

Taz said that this would be the biggest victory of his career. 'Angle' chants. Angle backs JJ into a corner. JJ makes the ref back Angle off. Side headlock takeover on JJ. Angle keeps the hold as Angle's backed into a corner. The ref breaks them. Side headlock on Angle who easily pushes JJ off. Angle let JJ put it back on, then easily pushed out. JJ locks it on again, but a backlock suplex on JJ. Hammer lock on JJ. JJ tries to counter, but Angle wouldn't allow it. Angle backed to the ropes, then elbowed in the face. JJ runs into a hip toss, then a suplex on JJ for two.

Blows to JJ, backing him in a corner. Karen keeps screeching, so Angle tossed JJ out at her. Angle out after with blows to JJ. Karen b---h slaps Angle. Angle back on JJ with blows. Angle told Karen to slap him again. She ran. JJ sent back in, Angle after him. JJ into a back elbow for two, then two again.

Back outside and JJ gains control. Into the ring, JJ climbs and flies with a crossbody, Angle rolls through for two. A couple blows to Angle's head. JJ whips Angle hard enough that he hits the mat. Heat for JJ. Angle pulled to his feet, but then Angle reverses the whip. Angle runs into JJ boot. JJ climbs, but Angle runs up and hits a release fisherman's suplex. Both are down.

Angle in corner with clotheslines, then a belly to belly for two. Angle goes for the ankle lock, but JJ gets free before it's locked on. Angle hits three suplexes on JJ who barely gets his shoulder up. Karen screeched. JJ reverses a suplex and kicks Angle in the side of the head. Angle reverses out of the stroke into an ankle lock. JJ sends Angle flying. Angle hits his angle slam, but Brian Henbner is held on the apron by Karen. Low blow to Angle behind Brian's back. JJ hits the stroke, but Angle kicks out!

JJ threatens Brian. Angle reverses the stroke, JJ into Brian. JJ rolls out, Angle after him. Karen rakes her nails down Angle's back. Angle after Karen and JJ attacks from behind with a forearm. Angle into the stairs and over. JJ slams Angle face first into the stairs, then again. Angle sent into the ring. JJ grabs a chair and into the ring.

Angle gets the chair from JJ, but then Brian up and takes the chair. JJ rolls Angle up. Angle takes JJ down for two. Angle up top, Karen distracts. JJ hits the stroke from up top. JJ pins but Angle kicks out. JJ's head in his hands. 'Angle' chants erupt. Suplex to JJ and the straps come down. Karen's screeching. Ankle lock on JJ. Karen reaches for JJ. Karen is pulled into the ring. JJ taps out, but Brian's with Karen. JJ grabs the chair and nails Angle in the head with it. JJ pins, but Angle gets a shoulder up!

Small package, JJ kicks out. Sunset flip to JJ, but JJ drops down on Angle and gets the three.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Angle sits in the ring looking sick. Karen tends to her husband on the floor. JJ up. They get part way up the ramp, but he drops down and they stare down at Angle in the ring. Angle takes his boots off and sets them in the middle of the ring. Taz says this usually symbolizes the end of a career. Taz is in shock. Angle leaves the ring, leaves his boots.

It's main event time!

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