TNA Against All Odds Results

Rayne heads from the ring, up the ramp. Mickie on her, but Rayne back with blows to Mickie's back with that glove. Mickie slammed back first into the barrier, then into the apron. The ref starts counting, but Mickie gets up. Mickie reverses Rayne into the post, back first. Rayne sent in, Mickie after her. Rayne falls back, holding Mickie's head to her knee. Mickie down, but gets up. A kick to Rayne's gut, then Rayne to the apron. Mickie drops her to the floor. The ref counts.

Mickie flies off the apron onto Rayne. Mickie tries to get Rayne's glove off. Rayne crawls under the ring. Mickie goes in after her. Rayne out the other side, Mickie out after her. Rayne swings that glove, but Mickie ducks, it hits the stairs. Mickie slammed Rayne into the stairs. Mickie pulls Rayne up through the count. Mickie climbs, but Rayne sends her flying, bouncing off the apron. The ref counts. Mickie barely makes it before ten.

Rayne swings, but Mickie moves. Mickie climbs and flies with a fez press. Mickie gets Rayne's glove. Tara out on the apron. Rayne pulls out knucks and hits Mickie while the ref dealt with Tara. Madison Rayne retains.

Winner: Madison Rayne


Jeff Hardy said he was going to get his title back and wished Ken Anderson well, "you a**hole."

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

Morgan into the ring. 'Morgan' chants. He says he was going to say something. He calls out Hernandez. Hernandez out, all ego. Morgan wants Hernandez to talk before he beats Hernandez's ass all over the Zone. Morgan wants to know why Hernandez cost him the title shot? What about his title shot? Hernandez went to Mexico, his roots, his people. They love him, treated him like the star he is. Not how he's treated here. He's there to tell Morgan and white America, no more! This is Hispanic America. This is our country. That's why he's back in TNA, to stick it to every gringo who doesn't appreciate them. Morgan doesn't like it, take his candy ass out of their country. Low blow to Morgan. Shoulder block to Morgan.

Hernandez gets Morgan up on his shoulder and slams him to the mat hard. Hernandez leaves the ring, Morgan lolling on the mat.


Matt Hardy says he's always gone above and beyond for everyone and it got him nowhere. Jeff came to TNA and Matt was punished for it. RVD is just a stepping stone, in his way. He'll chew up RVD and spit him out. RVD stands fro everything Matt's against. He'll beat RVD and continue his undefeated record.

Matt Hardy vs. RVD

Matt out to the ring, glaring at the fans the whole way. RVD's music and he comes out to the ring. Taz talks up both wrestlers. They lock up. They push back and forth until RVD is backed into a corner. Matt slaps RVD hard on the break. They exchange blows until RVD kicks Matt. RVD goes for his monkey flips, but eats the corner, then a clothesline.

Blows to RVD in a corner. The ref breaks it up. RVD fights back with blows and takes Matt out of the ring. 'RVD' chants. Matt on the apron, but dropkicked off. RVD to the apron, but Matt pulls his legs out from under him. RVD into the barrier back first a couple times. RVD gets Matt up and lands Matt across the barrier. RVd to the apron, then drops a leg on Matt's back.

Matt back into the ring, but he grabs RVd with a double arm DDt through the ropes for two. RVD rolls out, Matt out after him. RVD face first on the barrier (never touched it with his face). RVd sells face pain. Matt in the ring, pulls RVD in and drops a leg on the back of RVD's head. Matt pins for two.

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