(Updated) Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With TONS Of Video Including Rock's Promo

(Updated) Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With TONS Of Video Including Rock's Promo
Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, February 14th, 2011 (USA Network)
Location: The Honda Center in Anaheim, California
Results by Thomas Hall of 411 Wrestling

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main eventů"

We open in the arena with Cole welcoming us and talking about the guest host tonight. No Lawler as it's Matthews in there instead.

Orton vs. Sheamus, Morrison vs. Truth and Cena vs. Punk tonight with the last of those starting RIGHT NOW!

John Cena vs. CM Punk

There must be a winner to this. During Cena's entrance we see a clip from last week where Lawler slipped Cena a chair to keep Cena from getting destroyed. Cena gets on the mic and thanks Lawler for helping him out last week. He talks about how it's Valentine's Day and how nothing says I love you like a pair of tickets to WWE. During this part there's a Rocky chant. Love isn't the only thing in the air. WRESTLEMANIA is in the air!

Cena talks about the guest host could be, throwing out names like Sammi from Jersey Shore, Lady Gaga and Michael Cole. Using the clues that Vince gave last week, he proves that Cole is in a love triangle with Miz and Riley and that Michael Cole may not be a man. More importantly though, this Sunday is the Elimination Chamber and after the year Cena has had, he needs this Wrestlemania moment. He dealt with a group of radicals all year called the Nexus, but Sunday there's only one member to deal with.

Cue Punk with a mic of his own. Punk says that the record in Gray's Sports Almanac (Love those movies) it says that the last two times they've fought Punk has won. Punk says he's a good person unlike Cena and the bell rings. If anyone gets involved in this they're out of the Chamber match. Cena hits the post shoulder first and hits the floor. Punk takes him down with a flying clothesline as we take a break.

Back with Punk getting a two count off a big kick. If Nexus gets involved, Punk is out of the Chamber. Punk works the arm but Cena hits an armdrag to get free. Body scissors by Punk takes more energy out of Cena. Cena's shorts are a bit shorter tonight and are above the knees. Cena fights back and gets the Protoplex and 5 Knuckle Shuffle but can't hit the FU.

Punk takes him down with a leg lariat and we get a headscissors. Cena is like man please and just stands up. Back to their feet and Cena hits a gutwrench suplex for two. Cena goes up for the top rope Fameasser but Punk makes the stop. Corner knee hits but the bulldog is reversed into a failed STF attempt. Swinging neckbreaker by Punk sets up the GTS which can't connect.

CM goes up and tries a cross body but Cena rolls through into the FU. Punk gets to the ropes though and hits the floor. A Nexus clad arm sticks out from under the ring and hands Punk a chair. Punk slides it into the ring and the referee goes to get it. The arm comes out again with a wrench. Punk drills Cena with it and the GTS ends it at 10:36.

CM Punk b. John Cena @ 10:36 - GTS

Rating: B. Good match here especially for free TV. The ending was a nice little touch with the two weapons being handed in. Cena losing is good as it builds Punk up even more also. This was one of the better TV matches I've seen in a good while and a great way to start Raw. I love February Sweeps because we get stuff like this.

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