(Updated) Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With TONS Of Video Including Rock's Promo

The announcers say that Lawler isn't here due to the death of his mother but that he'll be at the PPV.

We're waiting on the guest host as we take a break.

Friday is the 600th Smackdown.

Here's Alberto but you already know the joke that most people make when saying his name so I'll spare you. He talks about destiny and Mania and all that jazz. Cue Edge to a nice ovation. He says that he's been so busy fighting Ziggler that he almost forgot about Alberto hitting him with a guitar two weeks ago. Edge says he also has a destiny and takes down Alberto. He sets for the spear but Ricardo saves. Alberto goes to the apron but gets speared off.

Cue Vickie who says that Sunday there will be the world title match in the Chamber but she's here to introduce the new World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler. We see a clip of the illegal spear from Friday. This week on Smackdown we're going to have the official coronation of Ziggler as the new champion. Edge is apparently stripped of the title and Vickie also has proof that Edge assaulted Teddy. The segment just kind of ends with Vickie laughing. So he's not champion anymore?

Divas Title up next.

Another 2-21-11 promo with the song and a shot of someone's chest. Well it's certainly not Trish Stratus.

Miz vs. Bryan tonight.

Divas Title: Natalya vs. Eve Torres

This is a lumberjill match and Natalya is in the ring when we start. Eve grabs a headlock to start which results in a standoff with both trying dropkicks. They slaps hands and go to the mat. Surfboard by Natalya which is always awesome looking. Even counters and is sitting on Natalya's legs. This is more of a gymnastics routine than a match but it's fun.

Josh mentions that Natalya was voted as the dream Diva Valentine's Day date which Cole makes fun of. Natalya is sent to the floor and the Divas beat the hell out of her. As retaliation Eve dives on them to take out nearly all of them at once. Back in Natalya tries a cradle but Eve rolls back onto it for the pin to retain at 3:40.

Eve Torres b. Natalya @ 3:40 - Eve reversed a cradle for the pin

Rating: C. I liked it. Eve looked good out there from a wrestling standpoint and looked like she could actually hang with the "wrestling" Divas instead of just being one of the eye candy ones. This was a pretty decent little match and ended with a wrestling move which is always a good thing. Fun match and short enough to not get bad.

Back from a break with the Bellas getting on Eve for no apparent reason. A brawl breaks out with Natalya trying to save. Gail jumps in there as well and referees break it up.

Cole: "If the Divas keep this up they're going to need chaperones." Oh you know what's coming. Also there's a guest star tonight: Ariel Winter, apparently HHH's costar.

Mark Henry comes down for a match but Sheamus jumps him during his entrance and beats the hell out of him. Sheamus grabs a mic and says that's a preview of what he'll do in the Chamber.

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