(Updated) Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With TONS Of Video Including Rock's Promo

Miz vs. Bryan up next.

We get a clip of the tag match from last week where Bryan and Miz got into it some.

The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

Riley is on commentary here. Crowd is into Bryan and we get a chant for him. Miz takes him down with a shoulder block to start. Josh makes a Grammys reference of all things. Bryan grabs the arm which gets him nowhere but a dropkick does. Miz takes Bryan down with a big boot. For some reason we keep cutting to shorts of the commentators. Off to a reverse chinlock by Miz.

Bryan escapes and grabs a rear naked choke but Miz grabs the ropes. Another back elbow by Miz gets two. Another chinlock now but the crowd is staying in this which is a good sign. Bryan gets a corner dropkick for two. They slug it out a bit and Miz is knocked to the floor. Running knee from the apron sends Miz through the barricade in front of the time keeper's area.

Back in the ring and a top rope dropkick gets two. Good match here so far. LeBell Lock almost goes on but Miz knocks him to the floor as we take a break.

Back with Miz hammering away in the corner but not being able to hit a suplerplex. Instead Bryan gets a sunset bomb for a close two. We see a replay of the neckbreaker to the floor just before the break and I didn't realize how sick it was.

Bryan unleashes the kicks and Miz counters into a rollup for two. Another gets two. Miz tries a reverse DDT into a neckbreaker but gets countered into a German. BIG kick to the head of the world champion gets two and a huge reaction from the crowd. LeBell Lock can't get hooked so Bryan tries a victory roll. Miz drops him forward and then the Skull Crushing Finale ends it at 12:40.

The Miz b. Daniel Bryan @ 12:40 - Skull Crushing Finale

Rating: B+. This was a damn fine match where Miz got pushed and Bryan looked great. This was exactly what Miz needs: a dominant win where most importantly he won clean. Bryan just took the world champion to the limit and the whole thing worked very well. Good match and the second good one tonight which is a great thing to see.

Miz gets on the mic and says that Lawler isn't here tonight because his mother passed away. He hopes that Lawler doesn't use this as an excuse at the PPV. Nice heel heat there and the catchphrase takes us to a break.

Michael McGillicutty/David Otunga vs. John Morrison/R-Truth

Cole says he'll explain this came about in a bit. Morrison has a BIG black eye. Oh that's from the kick last week. During the break the GM made this match due to what happened last week. Well if that's the case why did he make the singles match into the first place? It was supposed to be Morrison vs. Truth remember? McGillicutty vs. Truth to start us off and Truth is in trouble.

Off to Otunga and he's still in trouble. Matthews thinks McGillicutty handed Punk the wrench earlier. Morrison comes in and is all angry and aggressive. I kind of like it actually. He's beating the hell out of both guys and kicks McGillicutty in the ribs. Truth dives out to take out Otunga so Morrison can hit the running knee to end McGillicutty at 3:19.

John Morrison/R-Truth b. Michael McGillicutty/David Otunga @ 3:19 - Running knee smash to McGillicutty

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