Chris Jericho Talks TNA, Rock, Benoit, Returning & More

Chris Jericho Talks TNA, Rock, Benoit, Returning & More

Source: Busted Open

Chris Jericho was a guest on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca. The interview was taped earlier this morning, and will air in it's entirety on Sirius 125, XM 241 at 3:03 PM ET. Visit and for more information on this interview.

Jericho promoted the release of his new book "Undisputed", here are some highlights:

On leaving the WWE and issues with it: "Well yeah that's what I wrote about. Back than some of the guys don't understand, some of the fans don't understand that there really was a war, a wrestling war. It wasn't just on TV. There was a competition between the guys in the business. When I came from WCW into WWE I had all this hype, all this pomp, all the circumstance and basically a big target on my back, which I didn't realize at all. All my friends were still in WCW and I didn't really know anyone in the WWE that could tell me that stuff and nobody did. There was a big political mine field blew my leg off on this one, than boom blew my nuts off on that one. So everything I did do wrong I kind of did because I was under the microscope. I wasn't schooled in the style of WWE. Their style was completely different to WCW, which really and you could see that page that DDP went through when he first came in. He was the WCW champion and when he came into WWE he didn't know what to do. It was like that because no really helped you in WCW about what a match was like, about how to bump and feed as a heel. You know how to do promos and that sort of thing. If you look back on my entrance a lot of people say it was one of the greatest entrances of all-time. When I watch it back "Yeah it was good, but I cringe at how I reacted to some of the things. It was almost like Popeye the sailor like Brrrrr, Arrr." I had this over exaggerated cartoon face and I can see Vince [McMahon] as well as I know him now can see him going "Oh my god. This kid is killing it." I can see things were wrong right off the bat and they continued going downward from that because I just…as much experience as I had, I never had the experiences with that much politics. That style more than anything. I'm not going to blame anybody and say "People are after me and it's not fair." It was warranted because I wasn't prepared for where I was and the spot I had at that point in time. The only thing in my defense was that no one was really telling me that, or helping me along with it. I had to figure it out for myself. "

On Wrestlemania. They needed something to jump start it again like "The Rock." Do you feel like it's part of that? "Absolutely, but what's wrong with that. I mean last week I listened to your guys's show and you guys were complaining as critics do that Wrestlemania had no jump to it. Vince McMahon is a genius. You can say what you want and whatever you want to say. He [Vince McMahon] will always pull stuff out his ass. You wait and see what he [Vince McMahon] comes up with at Wrestlemania. You think "The Rock" is the last thing is going to be the big selling point. No way! I'm sure he's [Vince McMahon] got two or three other things up his sleeve for this Wrestlemania. I think this Wrestlemania when it's all said and done buzz is going to blow the last three out of the water. Nobody thought that up until last week when "The Rock" came out. What's going to happen next week? What's going to happen the week after that? There's still five weeks until Wrestlemania. Wait and see what he does because he's not going to let the fans down at Wrestlemania time. He [Vince McMahon] never does.

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