**SPOILERS** TNA IMPACT! Results For Tonight

**SPOILERS** TNA IMPACT! Results For Tonight
Credit: Erick Sturrock and Pwinsider.com

TNA Impact tapings 2/14/11:
All the VIP members lined up outside of the Blue Man Group as they told us to yesterday. About half of the VIP members did not return. I was able to get a 3rd row seat on the floor opposite of the stage. The opposite stage side bleachers seats today only had about 12 people. The TV side bleachers and stuff were filled. I noticed Big Brother US 10 & 11 houseguest Jessie Godderz sitting in the front row opposite stage side.

So Cal Val came out to ringside and welcomed us to the show and said we would have a match next. Madison Rayne came down to the ring. Madison says since its Valentine's Day she was not supposed to wrestle, but she saw a new girl jumping up and down backstage. Madison tells the little girl to come on out.

Dark Match: Madison Rayne(knockout Champion) vs ?. Ref Jackson James. I think her name started with a "N". Well this match…. The new girl was not so great. Falling down afew times and tripping and going face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Madison was great in her heel character. The new girl was having trouble keeping her pants up and her top half became undone. She tried to hit the backflip move like Tara and it did not go right. The fans were laughing at her throughout the match. Madison won the match.

The Spanish announcers Hector Guerrero & Willie Urbina came out and shook hands with everyone around the ring and then went over to their spot. Taz & Mike Tenay went out to their booth. So Cal brought out Jeremy Borash. JB told the fans like last night the loudest fans will get to go backstage. The fans next to the stage in bleachers were loud again. Borash asked the fans in the bleachers between TV side and opposite stage side to cheer, and they were quiet. The fans next to stage chanted "We can't hear you." JB said it is Valentine's Day and "We all know there's nothing more romantic on Valentine's Day then wrestling."

TNA Impact Airing Thursday at 9pm on SpikeTV.

Immortal comes down to the ring. Eric Bischoff was great trying to go after some fans at ringside who had a sign that said "Epic Fail". Eric brought out Jeff Hardy the new TNA Champion. Eric said how great it was that Jeff was champion. Eric said that first thing Monday morning he got a call from Spike. He said the network wanted Rob Van Dam to face Hardy tonight for the title. He said Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett will walk down the isle in two weeks and Hulk Hogan will be back. Eric wonders where Ric's been the past few weeks. Ric Flair comes down to the ring. Flair says he does what he wants not what others tell him to do. He says hes a wrestling god. The fans chant "God". Flair says God is going and leaves the ring. He sees a young blonde with a red dress in the front row and says he will see her later tonight in his hotel room. The girl looked really embarrassed. Fans chant "God" as Flair left.

JB talks to us for bit and tells us if we make noise we will get some surprises. JB had a us cheer and said their taping something backstage. Taz & Tenay then talked to the camera. Simon Diamond was below the commentary booth for the next match watching.

Douglas Williams starts walking down to the ring, as he walked to the ring Hernandez followed by Sarita & Rosita ran down and attacked him from behind. He threw him into the ring.

Douglas Williams vs Hernandez w/ Sarita & Rosita. Ref Andrew Thomas. Hernendez choked Douglas with something. Velevet Sky ran down to the ring and attacked Sarita & Rosita but was double teamed until Angelina Love ran down and they fought ringside for a bit then fought backstage. Hernandez hit a nasty looking Border Toss where Douglas landed right on his head. The fans gasped. Hernandez pinned him for the win. Thomas checked on Douglas and Brian Hebner and two trainers came down to the ring. After a bought 2 minutes Douglas sat up and was laughing. He left on his own feet holding his neck.

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