Jim Ross has finished a new blog over at JRSBARBQ.com, where he once again discusses a variety of topics.

On Chris Jericho's First WWE Run: "Chris was very close to being shown the exit during his initial WWE tenure which would not have bode well for yours truly who pushed harder than anyone to sign the then underutilized WCW talent. Jerry Brisco and I met with Chris on a 'recruiting trip' in the Tampa area at a place called the Bombay Bicycle Club for lunch and that meeting helped move our negotiations along. Jericho was a great 'get' for WWE and made my department look good with the inking of his contract."

On Taz's Finishing Dojo: "For you wrestlers who have some experience but want to get to the next level before your personal expiration date arrives then check out teamtaz13.com. Taz is training wrestlers with experience and his website has all the info. All I can say is that Taz is a natural born coach, Taz will not hose any student out of their hard earned cash, and every wrestler that attends Taz' 'finishing school' will be better prepared than they ever dreamed of becoming to perhaps go from the Indies to full time work."

On The Miz vs Jerry Lawler at Elimination Chamber: "Any one who thinks that it's simply not possible for Jerry Lawler, at age 61 and on a week where he buried his 90 year old mother, to win the WWE title against the Miz this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber needs to rethink their position. It is possible and it damn well could happen. I agree that the King is the underdog going in but what a story for the ages it would make if the WWE HOF'er did win the title. I'm not saying bet the farm on it but IF Jerry Lawler were to somehow, by hook or crook, defeat the Miz Sunday it would be one of the hottest topics around the WWE water cooler in years. I admit that I legitimately have an emotional investment in this one because of my friendship with Jerry and after seeing first hand what he went through this week. "

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