Shawn Michaels recently spoke about his love of hunting, his retirement, the odds of him returning to the ring and more. Check out the highlights below:

On when he picked up his love of hunting: "I was told I was never going to wrestle again. A guy asked me if I wanted to go on a hunt. I always wanted to do it but I didn't know anybody. It was the genesis of what turned my life around. I had my first encounter with God inside of a deer blind. Just sitting there waking up with the animals and looking at the stars. I was not in a great place in my life at that time. I started thinking there has to be more to life than this. Hunting was the start of that for me. It changed my life all for the better. My connection with the Lord grew immensely from that point on."

On his retirement: "I was ready to go. I wouldn't have agreed to do that if I wasn't ready to go. It is a wonderful job, but you can only climb the mountain so many times. I wanted to raise my kids. My kids are still young, and I didn't want to miss that."

On whether he would return to the ring: "I'm not going to wrestle again. The only way a 185-pound guy made it in that business is to do something nobody else ever did. The best thing I can do is to stay retired, because nobody ever stays retired. I'll still be part of the company. You never really get out of the WWE unless you're wearing concrete shoes at the bottom of the Hudson River, but no more active wrestling."

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