'WWE Elimination Chamber' Results

'WWE Elimination Chamber' Results
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The Elimination Chamber opening video airs and we're off!

Non-title Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. WWE Intercontinental Championship Kofi Kingston

The two trade the advantage early on until the match goes outside of the ring, where Del Rio gets the upper hand. Del Rio rams Kingston into the post and gets him back into the ring, where he locks in a series of submission holds.

Del Rio keeps Kofi at bay with body locks and chokeholds. Kofi is able to break free, and is able to stun Del Rio with a forearm from the top rope. Kofi maintains the advantage with his unorthodox offense. He goes for the TIP but misses. He catches Del Rio with a kick and Del Rio quickly countered to get a two count. Del Rio went for a superplex but was blocked, and Kofi was able to hit a dropkick from the top rope for a two count.

Del Rio managed to hit a GTS out of nowhere for a two count. Kofi was able to turn the tide, but Rico Rodriguez ran interference. Kofi hit another kick and got a close two count. He charged Del Rio in the corner and missed, and Del Rio hit a reverse neckbreaker. Del Rio followed with an armbar, eventually forcing Kofi to tap.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston via submission.

Todd Grisham interviewed Edge backstage. Edge put over the Elimination Chamber and is approached by Drew McIntyre. McIntyre said Edge took something important from him and that he was going to take Edge's most prized possession.

The SmackDown! Elimination Chamber match.

WWE SmackDown! Elimination Chamber - WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
Edge (c) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kane vs. Wade Barrett vs. Drew McIntyre.

Kane was out first, followed by Drew McIntyre, then Wade Barrett. Teddy Long came out and reminded the crowd that he fired Dolph Ziggler and announced The Big Show as his replacement.

Mysterio and Edge are out next and start the match. Edge and Mysterio trade the advantage several times, utilizing the cage to their advantage. Wade Barrett was in next and immediately went after Mysterio. Edge and Mysterio double teamed Barrett and turned their attention to each other.

At one point Barrett went for Wasteland but Mysterio held onto the cage and was able to hit a hurricarana. He went to follow up with a 619 but was nailed by a big boot from Edge.

Kane is in next and immediately turned his attention to Edge. After several minutes of action, Drew McIntyre was in next and slammed Mysterio into one of the pods. Moments later, McIntyre shoved Barrett through one of the glass pods.

At one point Kane threw Mysterio head-first into one of the pods and proceeded to clean house. Edge and Kane knocked each other down with big boots, leaving all superstars down as Big Show entered the match.

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