Another Set Of More Detailed 'WWE Elimination Chamber' Results

Event: WWE Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, February 20th, 2011 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The Save Mart Center in Fresno, Calif.

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main eventů"

WWE Elimination Chamber Opener:

We get a video package to open the show as per usual. The video focuses on the road to WrestleMania, as well as the Elimination Chamber itself, billing the Chamber as a dangerous battleground.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the PPV. The set has a very cool chamber theme to it, and the WrestleMania sign is highlighted pretty immediately. We open with Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, so it's pretty obvious who will be the first man out.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

Del Rio makes his way out to the ring to quite a bit of heat from the crowd. The announce team tonight has been shaken up as Cole will be joined by Josh Matthews and Booker T.

Del Rio grabs the mic and informs the crowd of his name, but he's sure the crowd is already aware. Del Rio says he's committed to excellence, and he means it. He's not like the people from Oakland. He talks about the Chamber match that will be taking place tonight, and says the men will endure pain, for the honor of a WrestleMania match with him. And he will be the new World Heavyweight Champion. Del Rio calls Kofi trash, and says he cannot stop destiny. Del Rio goes to say something else but he's interrupted by Kingston's music. Kingston makes his way out from the back to a big pop from the crowd.

The bell rings and both men lock up. Kofi pushes Del Rio into the corner and the ref forces a break. Another lock up, and Kofi pushes Del Rio back again, only for it to be broken jup. Del Rio's announcer distracts Kingston and the ref and this allows Del Rio to take down Kofi before hitting a back breaker, and a kick to the back. Del Rio whips Kingston across the ring, but Kingston is able to reverse Del Rio and hit a dropkick to knock him down to the mat. Del Rio rolls to the outside, where his announcer fans him. Kofi follows and lays in with a big kick to Del Rio's back before rolling him back into the ring. Kofi hits Del Rio with another kick to the spine. When he gets back to his feet, Del Rio is met with a forearm to the face.

Kofi goes to the apron, but he's knocked into the ring post by Del Rio and sent to the floor. Kofi's sent into the ring steps before Del Rio takes things back into the ring and locks in a body scissors. Kofi is able to fight out, but Del Rio slams Kofi down to the mat by his hair. Del Rio mounts Kofi, pulls on his hair and hits several clubbing blows to Kingston's face before hitting a nice belly to back suplex. Del Rio locks in another body scissors, continuing to apply pressure to Kingston's midsection. Kofi is able to fight out yet again with a series of elbows, and both men get to their feet. Del Rio sends Kingston into the corner, but Kofi leaps up to the top rope and comes off with a big flying forearm.

Kingston and Del Rio fight on their knees and up to the feet where Kofi hits a series of chops, taking Del Rio down with a big flying chop before connecting with the boom drop. Kingston postures for the crowd, but when he tries for the trouble in paradise, Del Rio moves. Kofi is able to connect with a kick in the corner, but when Kofi tries for a crossbody, Del Rio counters with a gut buster that's good for a near fall. Del Rio puts Kingston on the top turnbuckle and tries for a superplex, but Kofi is able to fight it off and send Del Rio down to the mat. Kofi stands and delivers a big missile dropkick. Kofi goes for the pin but he only gets a two count.

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