Another Set Of More Detailed 'WWE Elimination Chamber' Results

Edge slams Mysterio into the Chamber wall repeatedly before kicking away at Rey's chest. Edge slams Mysterio head first into Kane's pod, and Kane doesn't look too happy about it. Edge tosses Mysterio into the ring and tries for another quick pin, but it's still not enough. Edge charges Mysterio in the corner but he eats a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle. The clock counts down and Wade Barrett is the next man to enter the match.

Barrett stomps away at Mysterio right off the bat, but Edge ducks a clothesline and pounds on Barrett in the corner before tossing Mysterio up and into Barrett. Edge and Mysterio celebrate for a second before Edge tosses Mysterio under the bottom rope where he slides into the Chamber wall. Barrett is able to attack Edge and take him out before going to the outside and bringing Mysterio back into the ring. Barrett hits a big pumphandle slam, which is good for a two count, before whipping Mysterio into the corner, and stomping away at Edge. Barrett sends Edge to the outside and slams his head into the Chamber wall before bringing things back into the ring and trying for a cover, only to get two. Barrett whips Edge into the ropes, but Edge holds on and when Barrett charges Edge, Edge catches him with a low bridge and Barrett falls to the floor. Mysterio catches Edge from behind and he goes to the top but he's aught by Barrett. Barrett catches Rey in Wasteland position and uses Rey's legs to hit Edge. Rey grabs on to the cage wall and he's able to connect with a hurricarana to bring Barrett back into the ring. Rey tries for the 619, but Edge connects with a big boot to stop him cold.

The clock counts down again as Edge pound on Barrett in the corner, and Kane is the next man in the match. Kane comes in and connects with a throat chop on everyone, before Edge catches him with a boot. When Edge goes to the top and comes off though, he gets another throat chop. Kane hits Barrett with a low boot that's good for a two count before pounding on Mysterio in one corner, and Edge and Barrett in the other. Kane hits a big boot on Edge and a side slam on Barrett but is caught with a big kick from Mysterio, then Edge, and then Barrett, who all get a two count out of it. Barrett, Edge and Mysterio all look to go for a clothesline and all connect in a very weird fashion. Kane is back up and he tosses Mysterio out of the ring before hitting Edge and clotheslining him out as well.

Kane goes to the outside as well and begins slamming Barrett's head into the Chamber walls. Barrett tries to retaliate by doing the same, but Kane won't let him, and slams Barrett's head into the Chamber wall a couple more times. Mysterio goes to the top and tries to catch Kane, but Kane hits him with another throat chop and Mysterio ends up in the tree of woe, only to catch a dropkick from Edge. Kane comes back into the ring and hits another big boot on Edge before launching Barrett to the outside again. The clock counts down and the next entrant is McIntyre.

McIntyre comes in and immediately picks up Mysterio and launches him head first into the pod before teaming up with Barrett to take out Kane. When Barrett tries to get back into the ring, McIntyre kicks the rope into his crotch and launches Barrett into the other side of the same pod as Mysterio. McIntyre goes back into the ring, mounts Edge, and lays in with a series of punches before hitting a quick suplex for a two count. McItyre tries for the future shock DDT, but Edge counters with the Impaler DDT. Edge is able to make it back to his feet and he tries for the spear but Kane grabs him in chokeslam position. Edge fights out of it, and Rey almost hits the 619 on Kane, but Kane avoids it, and takes out both Edge and Mysterio before backdropping McIntyre into Barrett. Mysterio was sickly thrown head first into another pod.

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