Another Set Of More Detailed 'WWE Elimination Chamber' Results

The clock counts down one last time and the Big Show is the last man to enter the ring. He immediately clotheslines everyone before tossing out Edge and Kane, and chopping McIntyre out as well. Show stalks Barrett around the ring and grabs Barrett between the post and one of the pods, slamming his straight back into the pod. Barrett continues to try and get away, climbing the walls, but Show lays into Barrett with a series of nasty chops. Back in the ring, Show connects with the KO punch and pins Barrett to get three.

Wade Barrett is eliminated

Show eats a clotheline from Kane from the top rope, and a future shock DDT from McIntyre, but it's not enough to keep him down for three. Mysterio leaps from the top of one of the pods with a seated senton, but it's still not enough for a three count on Show.

Mysterio hits a 619 on Show and Edge follows up with a spear. Both men are then in turn taken out by Kane. Kane sets up for the chokeslam, and he connects, pinning Show and getting the three count.

Big Show is eliminated

McIntyre tries to leap off the top rope onto Kane, but Kane catches him with a chokeslam as well, and gets another three count.

McIntyre is elimnated

Kane turns to Edge and Mysterio next, but he's not able to hit a double chokeslam. Kane tosses Edge to the outside, but Mysterio is able to counter a slam into a DDT for a two count. Mysterio connects with a springboard leg drop to the back of Kane's head but it's still not enough for three.

Kane tries for the chokeslam on Mysterio, but Mysterio counters into the 619. Mysterio tries for a hurricarana, but Kane stops him, only for both men to be hit with a spear from Edge. Edge pins Kane and gets the three count.

Kane has been eliminated

Kane is angry and takes out his frustrations by hitting Edge with a big boot and Mysterio, and then Edge with a chokeslam before exiting the ring. We're now down to two men, and it's the two who began the match.

Both men are slow to get up to their feet after the attack by Kane, and when they do, Edge tries for the spear. Mysterio counters into a roll up and he's able to get a two count. Mysterio connects with a springboard crossbody but Edge counters into a pin of his own, only to get two. Edge whips Mysterio into the corner and he's met with a big boot. Mysterio hits a big facebuster on Edge but it's still not enough for a three count.

Mysterio is able to make it to the top rope, but Edge stops him with a big right hand. Edge tries to climb up as well, but he's met with a series of headbutts. Rey leaps off the top rope but Edge catches him and hits a HUGE powerbomb, transitioning right into the pin, but Rey is still able to kick out at two. Edge picks Mysterio up and tries for another powerbomb, but Mysterio counters and sends Edge into 619 position. Edge is able to catch Mysterio by the legs and locks in a crazy submission that almost looks like an inverted Sharpshooter. Mysterio counters into a pin attempt but Edge kicks out at two.

Edge sets up in the corner and tries for the spear but Mysterio is able to avoid it, only for Edge to attempt another, and connect. Edge pins Mysterio but he's still able to kick out! Mysterio hits Edge with a right that sends him into the ropes. Rey connects with the 619 and a springboard body press, but Edge is also able to kick out at two. Mysterio is able to send Edge into the ropes once again and connect with another 619, but Rey goes to the top rope, and when he leaps off, he's met with a giant spear from Edge. Edge pins Mysterio, and he's able to get the three count.

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