Another Set Of More Detailed 'WWE Elimination Chamber' Results

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

After the match, Edge celebrates with his title for a brief moment before he's ambushed by Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio mounts Edge and lays in with a series of punches before locking in the cross arm breaker. Edge is tapping, but Del Rio refuses to tap. Christian's music hits, and he returns, running down to the ring where he takes out Del Rio with a big spear of his own. Christian lays into Del Rio with a big kick before launching him into the middle turnbuckle. The referees pull Christian off of Del Rio, but Christian breaks free and plants Del Rio with the Killswitch. Christian is ushered out of the Chamber, and the crowd seems excited to see him back.

Edge also apparently hits a spear on Del Rio, but it's offscreen during a replay. Edge is handed his title again, and he's finally able to make his way to the back for his casual Sunday.


King is shown warming up backstage and he's approached by Matt Striker. King says he should have been excited heading into tonight, but a week ago his mother passed away, and that's all he can think about. He realizes at the same time that he's got to carry on and try to stay focused to try and win this match. King says he's had a OK career, but he's never won the WWE title, or had a match at WrestleMania, and tonight he has a chance to accomplish both. Tonight he doesn't want to let anyone down and he wants to win this match. Striker wishes King luck.

In the Arena:

Booker T is announced, and he hops into the ring to introduce a special guest, and one of the trainers of Tough Enough alongside himself and Steve Austin. Trish Stratus' music hits, and the Divine Trish makes her way down to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd. Booker welcomes her back, saying she looks marvelous, and asking what's been up. Trish says they're looking for a new breed of talent and it's gotten Trish excited. She's working on a new catchphrase. Trish takes off her jacket and says finally the Trish has come back to Oakland, to deliver Stratusfaction, to the millions, SUCKA! Booker insists she didn't just say that. Booker says Tough Enough will be premiering the night after WrestleMania following Monday Night Raw. Booker asks why Trish is here tonight, and Trish says she's here to see her friend the King win the WWE Title. Booker asks the crowd if they're able to dig that.

WWE Tag Team Championship
- Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (c) vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Kozlov and Slater look to start things off. Kozlov takes Slater right down and tags in Santino, who also uses a bit of mat wrestling to take Slater to the mat. Slater locks in a headscissors, but Santino pops out, only to fall victim to a series of kicks from Slater. Gabriel tags in with a flurry of offense that's good for a near fall, but Santino is able to tag in Kozlov, who comes in a tosses Gabriel around the ring before burying his shoulder in Gabriel's midsection in the corner. Kozlov connects with a head butt to Gabriel's chest, sending him to the outside, but when he tries to bring Gabriel back into the ring he's caught with a kick to the side of the head. Slater tags in but it doesn't last long as both members of the Corre use quick tags to continue double teaming Kozlov.

Slater tries to keep Kozlov away from his corner, but Kozlov pushes through and is able to make the tag to Santino, who hip tosses both members of the Corre before hitting the Cobra on Gabriel. Santino pins Slater, but he only gets a two count. Slater is able to tag in Gabriel who comes in with a slingshot senton but misses. Kozlov comes in and hits a big boot to Gabriel's chest, but Slater hits the blind tag during a slam from Kozlov. Slater hits a reverse DDT and tags Gabriel back in. Gabriel hits the 450 splash and pins Kozlov while Slater knocks Santino off the apron. Gabriel gets the three count.

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