Another Set Of More Detailed 'WWE Elimination Chamber' Results

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater


Todd Grisham is joined backstage by the WWE Champion The Miz. Miz says it's not 1983 when it was good to be the King, or 1999 when you could smell what the Rock was cooking. It's 2010, and he will address the Rock soon, but he's going to address the King tonight. Miz says tonight someone will win the Raw Elimination Chamber, and he will suffer the same fate as the King, because he's the Miz, and he's awesome.

In the Arena:

Vickie Guerrero comes out and asks the crowd to excuse her in a much more subdued fashion than normal. She said Smackdown suffered a horrible tragedy when her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler was fired. She says it may be true that Ziggler attacked Teddy Long, but she's here to explain. She and Dolph were dealing with serious issues. Dolph has a temper, he was confused, and he was trying to show Vickie how much he loved her. He committed a crime of passion, and she's here to say that Dolph is sorry. She pleads to the crowd to convince Teddy Long to give Dolph a second chance. She asks for a bit of compassion. She wants everyone to Twitter, Facebook, and call Teddy to demand a second chance for Ziggler. Long's music interrupts Vickie.

Teddy says Guerrero is embarassing. Guerrero begs Long to hire Ziggler back. Long says he is in a hiring mood and Vickie gets very excited. Long says he didn't hire Ziggler back, but he did hire someone else back, and he's allowing them to thank Vickie for her time as acting GM. Kelly Kelly's music hits and she makes her way out to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. Kelly chases Vickie out of the ring, around it, and back into the ring. Vickie tries to shaker hands, but Kelly kicks her and slams her head first into the ring before LayCool run down to the ring to break things up. They toss Kelly to the outside and slam her into the barricade, but Trish Stratus is back out of run off LayCool. LayCool don't retreat though, but wait until Trish is distracted to slam her down to the floor. Holy thong! Trish Stratus' thong was out for viewing. We have pics below. Back in the ring Trish begins to fight back, beating on both members of LayCool, hitting McCool with a Chick Kick, and a hurricarana on Layla before connecting with an awesome double bulldog. The crowd loves it at Stratus poses with Kelly Kelly.

WWE Championship Match
- The Miz (c) vs. Jerry Lawler

The bell rings and we're ready to kick things off. Lawler tries for a roll up right off the bat, but he only gets a two count. Miz lays into Lawler with a series of blows to the back, but Lawler is able to come back with a backslide, then an inside cradle, both for two counts. Miz locks in a headlock and hits a clothesline. King tries to come back with a hip toss, Miz tries to counter, and Lawler finally hits a clothesline. Lawler hits a shoulderblock and a big cross body block. Lawler lays into Miz with a couple of big right hands before mounting Miz in the corner and raining down with 10 big punches to Miz's head. Lawler is then able to launch Miz over the top rope to the outside with a big clothesline. Lawler follows Miz to the outside, but he's distracted by Alex Riley, and this allows Miz to send Lawler crashing into the ring post. Miz hangs King up on the ring apron and hits a big running knee, but back in the ring Lawler is able to kick out of a pin attempt.

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