Jim Ross has a new blog entry posted at JRSBARBQ.com Here are the highlights…

On Alberto Del Rio: Alberto Del Rio is evolving nicely. Love his cross arm breaker finisher. Del Rio gets into his finishing maneuver very cleverly. I'm buying Alberto Del Rio and feel that he will have a successful outing at WM27.

On The Smackdown Elimination Chamber: The Smackdown Elimination Chamber match was big league. One of the best PPV bouts I've seen in a long time especially one involving multiple participants. It earned a FULL bottle of sauce rating.

On Trish Stratus: Another Canadian import made her return as well as Trish Stratus had an enhanced , surprise cameo on the PPV. The brunette Trish is just as lovely as the blond Trish. Good to hear that she's going to be a Tough Enough trainer. I'm watching.

On John Morrison: Big night for John Morrison. Morrison's efforts were akin to some memorable, break out performances athletes have made in, particularly, Royal Rumble bouts of the past. Wasn't sure if Morrison was being referred to as parkour or hardcore or both but he's a spectacular athlete who positively distinguished himself Sunday night. Morrison maximized his minutes in the Elimination Chamber.

On CM Punk: It sounded like there were lots of cheers for CM Punk. Was it fans being defiant, fans who simply like the villains, or fans who appreciate Punk's skill level? What ever the reason, Punk felt like a star inside the Raw Elimination Chamber.

You can check out the full blog at JRSBARBQ.com

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